A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Update 5 Goodies For Wargs Part II

In the last post I looked at the specific warg changes coming in Update 5. Here I’ll be looking at the more general creep/PvMP changes and what they mean for wargs.

Monster players can now open their Traits panel with the same hotkey (default: ‘J’) as Free Peoples.

Handy I suppose.

Existing monster player characters logging in for the first time in Rise of Isengard will now see trainable traits on the Monster Player Trainers without having to relog.

Nice fix on this.

New Creep Skill “March!” A new skill has been added to each Creep’s starting skill set: “March!”. This skill increases Creep out of combat movement speed by 32%- enabling them to traverse the map more efficiently. This skill toggles off the moment the Creep enters combat.

An interesting addition. A few extra points that I found whilst looking through the forums that perhaps weren’t in the notes: there is a 3s induction to activate this skill and combat immediately dispels it. I couldn’t find any confirmation on whether or not it is usable in stealth or not,but if so then it’s a major boost. If not I don’t see many wargs using this ability except in safe areas.

Ranger quest is now removed on log-out.

Finally! This has been a really annoying bug for as long as I can remember, especially since Rangers have high stealth detection to detect wargs. It’s about time the playing field was equalised and freeps can’t just roll a Ranger whenever they feel like it.

Delving of Fror: Boss monsters now have a chance to drop Creep consumables.

Again another great fix to something that has been unequal for sometime.

Lainedhal’s Insignias and Akulhun’s Brands have had their usage cooldowns reduced. These now range from 120 minutes for the Rank 1 version of the insignia/brand to 5 minutes for the Rank 15 version of the insignia/brand.

Shorter cooldowns on brands is never a bad thing.

Auto-attack Super Critical Damage multiplier increased by 30% (Both Freeps & Creeps)

More damage!  Huzzah!

The cost to slot traits has been normalized

  • 1 Silver 60 Copper per Corruption

  • 22 Silver 50 Copper per Class and Appearance

  • 45 Silver per Racial & Appearance

This is really really sweet. Creeps ten not to retrait as frequently or as extensively as freeps, but even so there are occasions when you want to be able to switch out some traits. Gold isn’t hard to farm as a creep, but it is dull. Anything that reduces that grind a bit is a welcome change.

2 responses

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  2. Akart

    Extra damage is always good. I doubt they’ll let us walk around with march while in stealth, the idea that wargs might have something greater than a guard sprint but lesser than a horse that could be used at will would make their tiny freep minds explode.

    18/11/2011 at 1:20 am

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