A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg QQ #3

I’ve just read one of the dumbest warg QQ threads I’ve ever seen on the forums. The title says it all really: “Wargs too op – need to be nerfed!!!” So over powered are we that the thread required a full three exclamation marks! The whining itself was kept rather short thankfully so I’ll surmise it for you here:

When a warg attacks and can silence and stun you for the duration of its attack, bringing you down to death w/o you being able to get off a single skill…. they’re TOO OP!

It isn’t fair that packs of wargs can wander around and stealth pull anyone they want and kill them w/in a couple seconds. I suggest nerfing the stealth skill so that wargs can only stealth when they’re completely alone and solo. In a fellowship, the stealth skill greys out. And when solo, they have to be at least 50m away from any other warg. Anything closer disables the stealth skill.

Also give caster freeps (non heavies) a bubble of protection so that they can get around the constant barrage of warg attacks.

So why is it a dumb thread? Let me walk you through it and I shall explain …

For starters the opening line is bordering on the fantastical. The longest stun a warg has is 5 sec with each one after than being shorter because of diminishing returns on crowd control. We have two silences, both of which last for 10 sec. Going by the premise that the poster was stunned for the duration of the fight with no chance to fight back that means he was most likely killed within 5 sec. That tells me two things: a) he was killed by a pack, in which case he isn’t supposed to be able to beat multiple enemies by himself or he would be OP and b) he might be really squishy/under levelled/very new and doesn’t know what to do, etc.

In either of those scenarios the poster shouldn’t expect to win and would explain why it is he was killed within 5 sec. The most likely scenario behind this is that the poster was ganked a few times and didn’t care for it, and with no other means to vent his frustration he reached for his keyboard to bash out a strongly worded letter. This assumes of course that he really was killed within 5 sec and that his claim of having being stunned for the entire fight isn’t just hyperbole.

Moving on we come to the tried and tested warg QQ thread call for stealth to be nerfed. This never fails to make an appearance in these threads and this one doesn’t buck the trend. The poster claims that it is unfair that warg packs can roam around in stealth attacking targets at will. Let’s ignore his omission of calling for Burgers to be nerfed for the same reason. This tells me that he has been ganked by a pack, and the fact that he is complaining about it tells me that he is probably new to PvMP, or at least the freep side anyway. If he isn’t then he would hardly choose  this moment, 4 and a half years after the game launched, to suddenly complain about warg packs now would he? In any case he misses the point that it isn’t stealth that makes the pack powerful, it’s teamwork (see point number 1 on this list).

The poster’s suggestion for nerfing stealth is frankly ludicrous. He wants wargs to be unable to use stealth if grouped and apparently wants every warg in the game to have a restraining order since he calls for stealth to only be usable when at least 50m away from any other warg. Again this wouldn’t stop him from being ganked since it’s teamwork that underpins the warg’s success, not stealth.

Last, but not least, is the poster’s suggestion for caster classes to have a bubble to protect them from ‘constant’ warg attacks. Well Minstrels and RK’s already have those, so I suppose he must mean Lore-masters.

In closing let me say that I hope this thread was posted as a joke. It would be a pretty bad one if it is, but at least the poster wouldn’t be serious because I know I certainly can’t take any of this seriously.


2 responses

  1. Lol so if he didn’t have a bubble, so he must be a loremaster, then he should have had stun immunity up. All classes have tools, just have to use them.

    14/11/2011 at 4:41 pm

  2. Akart

    An LM without stun immunity deserves every stun related death that befalls them.

    15/11/2011 at 7:08 pm

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