A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


Infamy is the second most important reason you kill freeps so it is worth taking a closer look at it to understand how it actually works. The basic premise is simple enough; you kill freeps, you gain infamy and the more infamy you get the faster you rank. How exactly does the system work though?

The Calculation

The Black Appendage of Sauron has a handy formula for calculating how much infamy a kill will give you, which I have put in mathematical notation:

The symbols in the equation denote the following:

  • x – the amount of infamy gained
  • F(r) – the rating of the freep
  • D – the percentage of the total damage taken by the freep that came from you
  • G(n) – the number of people in your group or raid
  • C(r) – your rating bonus
For those not familiar with mathematical equations here is the formula in plain English. The amount of infamy you gain is equal to the freep’s rating divided by 10 and then multiplied by the percentage of the total damage the freep took that came from you. You then divide that number by the number of people in your group (including yourself). You then multiply that number by your rating bonus.

Freep Rating – this is simple the numerical value of the freep’s current rating when you attack him

Percentage of Damage Dealt – this is the amount of damage that you personally contributed towards killing the freep. For example,if a freep has 5,000 morale and gets healed in the fight for 1,000 morale before finally dying it would have taken 6,000 damage to kill that freep. Say you did 3,000 damage to that freep, that would be a contribution of 50%, which, for this equation, would be  a multiplier of 0.5.

Group Size – this is simple the number of people (including yourself) who are in a group with you. Note though that the maximum value for this is 12, so the bigger the group the more efficient your infamy gain is since a 24 man group is gaining the same amount of infamy than a 12 man group would, but can obviously kill more freeps and faster too.

Your Rating Bonus – this is the bonus you gain from your own rating. Apparently this bonus is around 0.1 for every 200 points of rating you have beyond 1,000. For example, if you had a rating of 1,200, your rating bonus would be 1.1.

In addition to your rating bonus there are other factors that can increase the amount of infamy gained such as destiny point and store perks as well as holding the relics.

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