A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Why Aren’t Wargs Using Enhanced Disappear?

I’ve just been reading a most interesting forum thread on the new Enhanced Skill: Disappear trait. The thread posed a very simple question: do you use this new trait? The replied were overwhelmingly ‘No’. So why aren’t wargs using this?

The trait itself is pretty straightforward, it reduces the cooldown of Disappear by 3 minutes so that the skill’s cooldown will be 7 minutes. The trait was originally supposed to have some extra functionality though, in the form of a cleanse that would wipe harmful effects from the warg. There was quite a bit of debate over this at the time with suggestions for effects other than a cleanse. To cut along story short the extra functionality wasn’t added to the skill when Rise of Isengard launched and only the cooldown function remained. Whether extra functionality will be added in the future remains an open question, but hopefully it will.

Disappear is one of our most bugged important skills so you would think that a trait that reduces its cooldown would be something wargs were clamouring for. The problem is that we already have a number of highly important traits and a limited number of trait slots to use. In fact some of our traits aren’t just ‘highly important’ they are absolutely crucial to playing a warg.Would you go around the Moors without Enhanced Skill: Stealth traited? Or Shadow Fang?

By the time Enhanced Skill: Stealth and Shadow Fang are traited we are left with five trait slots to fill. Most wargs will feel that Enhanced Skill: Sprint is pretty much needed  so that’s a third slot gone. Enhanced Skill: Sense Prey is just too useful not to have so there goes another slot. We have three left now. Let’s add in Shadow Howler since it too is too useful not to have traited. That leaves us with just two slots. What to fill them with?

Armour Boost? That gives us a very nice increase to our mitigations so it’s a tempting candidate. Rallying Howl? A heal is not a bad thing to have, especially in group situations. The Element of Surprise? Increase crit chance from stealth can make for a nice opener in a fight and can be useful for solo wargs. Long Strides? An extra 5% run speed can help to even up the disparity between our slow and freep slows. Resistance Boost? A boost to our defences with no negative downside.

…oh and Enhanced Skill: Disappear.

As you can see there is a lot of choice and frankly most of the other traits give us either something crucial we can’t do without or they provide a benefit that is more useful in more situations than a 3 minute reduction in Disappear’s cooldown.

Without that extra functionality Enhanced Skill: Disappear just doesn’t stand out from the crowd enough to warrant using up a valuable trait slot on it. It’s not a bad trait per se, but it simply doesn’t pack enough of a punch at the moment.

3 responses

  1. To be honest, warg traits are in general so bad, that I try to choose the least sucky ones.

    04/11/2011 at 6:06 pm

  2. Isawarg

    I personally don’t think Element of Surprise is even worth considering, as 1) warg crits really aren’t too spectacular, 2) you have a good chance to crit if you pounce/bloody maul/bestial claws from behind anyways, and 3) the other traits are just so much more worth it. If anyone disagrees, I’d like to know why 🙂 I’m no expert on the game, so any input is welcome. I just have found in my personal experience that it’s a downright terrible trait.

    13/11/2011 at 8:11 am

  3. Bytez

    I think I have it traited. It helps me out defensively and offensively. But, yep, the Disspear skill is still bugged!!

    01/08/2012 at 2:44 pm

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