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Video: Full Warg Fight Scene

I finally found a full version of the warg battle scene from the Two Towers! I’d been searching for this for a while, but all I could ever find were either ‘comic’ versions; small snippets or versions with annoying music tracks dubbed over them. This is the full scene and has the original music and dialogue. Enjoy!

P.S. Look at how many wargs Legolas (Hunter), Gimli (Champion), Aragorn (Captain?) and the other freep stooges manage to take down. Even in the film the frees are OP!


Search Term Find #29

benton warg

See, it’s not just me thinking that!

Video: Benton Upsets Some Wargs

Someone linked this for me and it’s too good to resist posting it.

Video: Benton The Honourary Warg

Look it’s a tenuous excuse to post this video, but I don’t care because the video is awesome.

Update 5 Goodies For Wargs Part IV

In addition to the warg specific changes I discussed in the last part there are some more changes to PvMP in general. Unfortunately some of those changes are nerfs …

The Good

Let’s start with the good stuff first though!

Creep Delving potions no longer removed on death.

Thank the maker! This is a long overdue change and is really good news for creeps everywhere. These pots are useful, but they require grinding to acquire, which requires DoF to be open, which requires two outposts to be controlled by creeps. None of that is especially difficult, but can be a pain. The fact that you could activate one of these precious buffs only to die 10 sec later and have your valuable purchase wiped out was definitely unfair. This is a really superb change.

Outnumbered Buffs “Akúlhun’s Challenge” & “Lainedhal’s Call to Arms” now increase Infamy/Glory Gains by 20%

An interesting change this. Hopefully giving the outnumbered buff a big infamy/renown boost should help to attract players to whichever side is currently outnumbered. Will it work? Only time will tell, but it’s worth a shot.

Brands and Insignias now provide Immunity and/or Dispels for Silences, Disarms, and Slows in addition to other Crowd Control effects.

Another interesting change, and something I consider to be a positive one. Simply put there is far too much crowd control flying around the Ettenmoors. Slows are a particular problem with seemingly every freep class possessing one,and in some cases extremely potent slows i.e. 70% from the Rune-keeper. Brands are handy items for fights you know will be a challenge and this change should help to levelthe playing field given our own modest assortment of crowd control options.

The Bad

Mobilize speed buff reduced to 35%

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a skill being nerfed before it was even released before! I’m not sure why this was nerfed from the previous proposed value of50%, but I can only presume that it was felt a 50% run speed buff was too powerful. Was it? Personally I say no since it would still be well short of even a basic freep mount at 162%. Nevertheless it has been reduced.

March! speed buff reduced to 25%

A similar story to Mobilize above, but this doesn’t really affect us wargs since we probably aren’t going to be using March! an awful lot. Still it’s a bit of a strange one considering the previous value was only 35%. That is far below freep mount speeds.

Delving of Fror Movement Speed potions have been removed from barter and loot. Potions currently in player inventory will not be removed, but the effect will not stack with Mobilize and March and their potency has been reduced to 5/7/10% from 10/15/20%.

I’m sad to see these buffs being removed, but with the enhancements to our stealth movement speed we, at least won’t be losing anything. The other creep classes will presumably make up for these pots by using March! It’s a fair trade-off I suppose since March! is free to use rather than requiring barter items to use each time.

It might be worth stockpiling some of these pots now even if the ones remaining in-game will have reduced magnitudes.

The Ugly

It’s been announced that Bullroarer will be closed today. That means no more testing on Update 5. That means no more patch notes. That means no more additions. That means no extra functionality for Enhanced Skill: Disappear in Update 5.

I was hoping we would see the extra functionality this trait is supposed to have in this update, but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen now. Hopefully it makes it into the next update.

Update 5 Goodies For Wargs Part III

Build 2 for Bullroarer has been released and the patch notes bring with them some more PvMP updates, including some warg specific updates. As usual I’m taking a look at exactly what each of these changes mean. First up are the warg specific changes …

Warg Specific Changes

  • Long Strides now provides +5% Stealth Movement Speed
  • Four-legged Foe now provides +5% Stealth Movement Speed
  • Enhanced Stealth- Stealth Movement Speed buff increased by 10%

These are really interesting changes because they increase our stealth movement speed.  These aren’t increases to the existing bonuses these traits give with the exception of Enhanced Skill: Stealth, which only ever boosted stealth movement speed. The changes to Long Strides and Four-legged Foe are in addition to the existing benefits those traits confer.

Our base movement speed whilst stealthed is 50% i.e. we move at half the rate we would if unstealthed. Now every warg will have Enhanced Skill: Stealth traited and at the moment that increases our movement speed in stealth by 45% for a total movement speed of 95%. Long Strides currently provides an extra 5% movement speed as does Four-legged Foe. With both of those traits slotted our movement speed whilst stealthed would be 105% and when not stealthed we would be moving at 110%.

Now what these changes do is to increase our movement speed whilst stealthed. So assuming Enhanced Skill: Stealth is traited we would in fact be moving at 105% since this trait is gaining an extra 10% stealth movement speed. In other words we will be able to move as fast in stealth as we currently can using three traits by traiting just Enhanced Skill: Stealth! Sweet!

Now with either Long Strides or Four-legged Foe traited as well we would be moving at 115% whilst stealthed. This is because each of those traits gives +5% movement speed AND +5% stealth movement speed. The cumulative effect is +10% movement speed whilst stealthed from each trait.

If both are traited then we would be able to move at 125% whilst stealthed!

Isn’t This Over Powered?

In a word, no. You see there are three key factors to consider here that mean these enhancements are not over powered.

The first point is that these speed increases are only whilst stealthed. When not stealthed we will be moving as fast as we always have. In other words freep slows will be just as effective on us as ever.

The second point to consider is that the March! skill is near useless for wargs since it can’t be used whilst stealthed. Simply put stealth is not worth giving up for a 25% speed increase. That means that wargs are at a disadvantage compared with every other creep class then.No other creep class has to sacrifice one of their primary abilities in order to use March! Wargs do. Thus thee enhancements help to rectify that imbalance.

The third, and arguably most important, point is that these speed enhancements require traits to be slotted. There are a finite number of trait slots available and slotting all three of these traits means we have to forgo something else. It’s not necessarily the case that every warg will choose to have all three of these traits slotted (with the exception of Enhanced Skill: Stealth, which is an absolute necessity).

If Creeps Got Mounts, What Would Wargs Ride?