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Creep Damage: The Whining Continues …

The freep whinefest over the recent creep damage boost is still in full flow on the official forums and shows no sign of abating. Having managed to keep conscious whilst reading through some of the more ridiculous posts I started to see a pattern emerge. I came up with four key points I think underpin this outpouring of nerdrage.


Simply put there hasn’t been enough time for people to absorb the changes. Rise of Isengard has been out for less than a month and the recent patch only went live the other week. In my opinion that’s simply too little time to be able to draw any definitive conclusions about how PvMP balance currently stands. Yet it doesn’t seem to have stopped some people from issuing what almost amount to decrees on the subject.


This goes hand in hand with time because simply put most players will not have fully geared themselves yet as there hasn’t been enough time to do so. Sure some players may be fully kitted out already, but I’m willing to bet that most aren’t. Maybe they’re still trying to get an armour piece or still fiddling around with their legendary weapons, either way they’re not at the stage where they consider their freep ‘complete’. Probably not by a long shot. Again though this hasn’t stopped some people from issuing edicts declaring that their class is completely stuffed or that their opponents are OP. All based on a sub-standard setup.


What was tried true may not be any more. As with all all change some people don’t adapt well. They cling to the old way of doing things like a barnacle and refuse to budge, bemoaning that the way they knew is now no longer relevant. Just because a particular trait build, or certain kiting tactic, or ‘zerg balls’ used to work like a charm doesn’t mean to say it is going to work now. Things have changed in the Ettenmoors and whether you agree or disagree with those changes you will have to adapt to them if you want to keep playing. Crying for how things used to be isn’t going to work. Players, all players, need to adapt and find out what makes their characters the best they can be in this new world.


A lot of the attention has been focused on the freeps and their whining, and with good reason as most of it has come from freeps. However, creeps need to be aware that these large scale changes we’ve seen recently don’t just impact freeps and their playstyles, they also impact us too. We should be careful about assuming that we are now the equal of freeps or as some delusional freeps have been doing, declaring that creeps are OP. Read the three points above and remember that we are right at the start of these changes, things will change and the smart freeps will discover new tactics, find appropriate gear, slot relevant traits and work out how to deal with new creep skills. In short those not wasting their time whining will adapt and we need to be ready for them on the field of battle.


2 responses

  1. Both sides whine as much as one another. If it’s not one thing it’s another, right?

    25/10/2011 at 3:41 pm

  2. Wargam

    Considering it takes an rk about 5 seconds to finish me off as a rank 4 warg, still not anywhere near OP…

    29/10/2011 at 12:17 am

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