A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Where to Ambush Questing Freeps

Now that Ettenmoors quests give renown as a reward there are plenty of freeps out and about doing those quests to help themselves rank up. This presents us with a great opportunity to get some infamy by ambushing them as they do their quests.

There are a number of different quests freeps can do, but I am only going to look at those that present the best opportunity for wargs to get the jump on the freeps and get themselves some kills. I’m not going to list the individual freep quests either, rather I’ll be concentrating on the areas to look out for.


Freeps will be coming to Grothum to kill the NPCs there, but also to perform an escort quest and pick up various quest items dotted around the village. The key thing with Grothum is that it’s a friendly spot for wargs since the NPCs there are creep NPCs so right off the bat we have some inbuilt help.

Where to Position Yourself

Most freeps arriving in Grothum will be coming from Ost Ringdyr since this is where they pick up some of their quests. Thus the best spot for you is not too far from the entrance to Grothum on the south side of the village. There are a few large rocks there that you can position yourself on to give yourself a good view of the entrance.

When to Strike

Don’t give into temptation and attack as soon as you see a freep at the gate. Remember that the NPCs here are friendly so let the freep get inside and start pulling mobs before you attack.The goblin NPCs may not be a major force, but it is basically free damage for you so make use of it. You can also try to gradually move the fight towards more friendly NPCs, hopefully the freep takes the bait and moves with you, but obviously don’t attempt this with a ranged class.

What Not to Do

Don’t get cocky. The NPCs may be friendly, but they aren’t going to be battering the freeps down for you. Don’t let the freep burn the NPCs down too far before you attack or the NPCs will be dead in no time and thus unable to help you.Let the freep get a couple of hits in and then attack.

If the freep is doing the escort quest be careful because the freep NPC they have to escort has 22k morale and you don’t want it to be attacking you! Make sure that the NPC is engaged with the goblin NPCs before you go for the freep and make sure you remain focused on the freep and not the freep NPC.

Hoardale River

At the top of the waterfall behind Tol Ascarnen there is a location where freeps can perform a quest to cleanse the river of poison. It’s the mirror opposite of the creep quest to poison the river. It’s an extremely easy quest so if you parky ourself nearby you are bound to spot a freep or two eventually passing by.

Where to Position Yourself

There are two main positions you can use for this; on the side of the river nearest to Tirith Rhaw or on the side of the river nearest to Gramsfoot. The freep will almost certainly approach from the Tirith Rhaw direction and will have to jump down a small cliff to reach the rocks in the middle of the river where they can then perform the quest.

The difficulty with positioning yourself at the side of the river nearest Gramsfoot is that the freep only has to stand on the rocks in the middle of the river to perform the quest and afterwards might map out. That means of course that you can’t reach them since the rocks are only approachable from the TR side by jumping down onto them. You may get lucky of course and the freep might jump off the rocks and try to ride off.

It’s probably better to position yourself at the Tirith Rhaw side of the river on top of the cliffside overlooking the river. This will give you a great view of any freeps approaching the river.

When to Strike

If you are at the TR side at the top of the cliff then you will want to strike before the freep jumps down onto the rocks in the river. This prevents a fight in the water where you may be at a disadvantage.

If you are on the Gramsfoot side of the river then you will have to wait and see if the freep jumps off the rocks to try and ride away. Don’t let them mount up though, pounce before they do and finish them off.

What Not to Do

If the freep decides to jump down the waterfall don’t pursue unless you are sure you can get the kill. It just takes you away from your hunting spot and other potential targets. This is especially true for Burgers who can jump down the waterfall with no falling damage,

Don’t hang around too long. After a while the word will get out that you are camping this spot and more freeps may show up to kill you. Come back every now and again, but don’t overstay your welcome.


The hobbit village at the far south west of the map is a quest hub for freeps, they can pick up and hand in quests here. Chances are that there will be a steady flow of freeps coming in and out. The key here is that this is enemy territory full of enemy NPCs so you don’t want to fight inside the village itself.

Where to Position Yourself

Probably the best spot to position yourself in is near the spider lair on the road between the Lumber Camp and Hoarhallow. This should give you a good overview of freeps coming and going and also means you aren’t too far from friendly NPCs (the spiders) should you need them. This route tends to be used most often when the freeps control the Lumber Camp.

Another spot you might consider is about half way between Hoarhallow and the Good Tol Ascarnen map point. This has the advantage of presenting you with a nice open space with which to see who is about and it is also handy for reinforcements to map into should you need help. If the creeps control the Lumber Camp then the freeps may use this route.

When to Strike

The key with both positions is to strike whenever you get the opportunity. You don’t want to attack when the freep is close to the Hoarhallow itself so the further away from the village you can get them the better.

What Not to Do

Don’t chase the freep into the village. This is an obvious one, but very important. Even a freep who looks to be on his last legs can suddenly pop a pot or a survival skill and turn around with friendly NPCs and finish you off. If they get inside the village just leave them be and wait for them to ride out again.

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