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Initial Thoughts: Creep Damage Increase

Today saw a patch being applied to the game that brought some changes to PvMP. I covered the warg specific changes in a previous post along with the fact that creep damage as a whole was going up by 20-30%. I’ve been on my warg tonight testing out the damage increase and I thought I would share a few initial thoughts on it.

Can You Feel It?

First of all the increase is definitely noticeable. I actually felt that I was hitting harder with the same build I had before the patch was applied. That’s definitely a good thing because it means that this wasn’t a minor tweak, but a proper increase, which was badly needed.

The increase was most pronounced against NPCs. I was definitely burning them down more quickly than before and you could get a real feel for doing some proper damage at last.

Against freeps it was a bit harder to tell because the change has been live for less than a day and thus there hasn’t been an extensive period of time for me to test the damage increase. However, the freeps I did encounter proved interesting in terms of testing. I managed to fight a mixture of freeps and also spoke with other wargs about their experiences.

Freeps were definitely going down faster than before and especially against heavy armour classes the increase was evident. Guardians were actually taking some proper damage from wargs at long last! Light armour classes always went down fastest before the patch so it was hard to tell how much of an effect the increase had on them. Nevertheless the fact that wargs can actually get in some half decent damage versus a heavy armour class is a very positive sign.

The Whining Has Begun

No sooner had the patch gone live than the whining over the creep damage increase had begun. I could rant all day about this, but there are two main points to consider:

How Do You Like Them Apples?

For some freeps this damage increase is bad, not because it makes creeps OP as some claim, but because they are getting a taste of their own medicine. For as long as I can remember in LOTRO creeps were doing far less damage than freeps and some freeps have perhaps gotten a little too used to this arrangement. Now that creeps can give them a hard slap back they don’t like it. Too bad. The Moors have changed and creeps can dish out some decent damage for a change. Do what you tell us to do: adapt.

We Still Have A Soft Touch

The damage increase was 20-30%. A fair old amount. However, 20-30% of not very much still isn’t very much, in relative terms. Creeps might be hitting a bit harder now and are able to dish out some punishment to freeps, but don’t fool yourself, freeps are still very much the dps kings of the Moors. All the whinging about this increase can’t cover up the simple fact that freeps can still hit a lot harder than any creep can.

Let’s compare one freep class, a Lore-master, which isn’t even a primary dps class, with a warg, which is a dedicated dps class:


  • Skills that can crit 1k+  10
  • Skills that can crit 2k+ 6
  • Skills that can crit 3k+ 5
  • Skills that can crit 5k+ 2


  • Skills that can crit 1k+ 5
  • Skills that can crit 2k+ 0
  • Skills that can crit 3k+ are you joking?
  • Skills that can crit 5k+ now you’re just having a laugh right?
The point is that creeps are still inferior to freeps in terms of their damage output. That’s fine though because we have, on the whole, more morale than freeps to act as a counterbalance. That too though is causing whining because some freeps are saying that we now have a combination of very high morale and high dps. The first part is true, we do have high morale compared with most freeps. The latter is blatantly false. We have a bit more dps now, but it pales in comparison to the numbers a freep can output and, arguably more importantly, sustain.

A Changing World

Turbine have been making a lot of changes to PvMP and this damage increase is part of that. It might not seem like much on the face of it, but in conjunction with our increased morale we are moving towards a situation where we can hopefully be the equal of a freep. Some freeps may not like this because they have become too used to always being superior to creeps, especially classes like Guardians, Burglars and the like. Change is always resisted by those who have a vested interest in the status quo, but change is coming to the Moors and you need to adapt or die.

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  1. Omnomonom, Warg.

    So true.

    20/10/2011 at 4:26 am

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