A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

PvMP Patch Notes

Turbine released some patch notes yesterday, patch notes that include updates for Monster Play,updates for Monster Play that include warg updates! The patch itself will be going live today as there is a scheduled server downtime. There are a number of updates for PvMP, including some warg specific changes so let’s see what we have …

The Warg

Two of our skills are being updated and thank the maker it’s two of the most broken ones! Yes both Rabid Bite and Flea Bitten are receiving a boost to make them better than the useless they are now. I’ll talk about each in turn and what the change means in real terms.

 Rabid Bite

This used to be one of our most valuable tools for debuffing freeps and helped us to contribute in a raid setting. Unfortunately it was badly nerfed with the Rise of Isengard expansion and became … well useless. With this patch though Rabid Bite is getting a bit of a boost. The base magnitude of the skill power cost debuff is going up from a measly 10% to a more meaningful 25%. It also looks like the traited version will tack on another 15% on top of that for a total of 40%.

It’s definitely an upgrade, but it doesn’t change the fact that the base premise of the skill isn’t terribly good. We often have to power drain tactical classes e.g. Minstrels in a raid setting and an extra 25% to their power costs probably won’t make much difference to a freep with a 7k power pool. The 40% traited version might pack more of a punch, but of course the debuff can be dispelled using a disease pot.

Verdict: A little better, but still short of being useful. Still not worth using a trait slot for the improved version.

 Flea Bitten

Here we see the debuff magnitude rise from 10% to 25%. This is a bit more like it because Flea Bitten actually applies two debuffs; an attack duration increase and an induction time increase. Both will now be at 25%.

That might now sound very much, but it will definitely be more noticeable on the freep side and of course Flea Bitten is an AOE skill affecting up to 3 targets. An extra 25% on induction times should help to slow down freep healing in raids whilst the extra 25% attack duration should help us out in 1vs1 situations.

Verdict: Solid upgrade here. This skill is worth using again.

Creeps In General

In addition to the warg specific changes coming in the patch today (Wednesday) there are some more general changes that will affect all creeps.


As I posted before Kelsan wasn’t happy with the way creep damage had scaled with Rise of Isengard. In this patch there will be an increase of between 20-30% to creep damage.

I must admit that my damage output since Isengard launched has felt rather lacklustre, especially in the face of ever increasingly better equipped freeps. A solid boost to our damage output is welcome news indeed and should hopefully even things up a tad. Whether it will be enough of an increase to level the playing is a big question of course, but we shall be able to test that out soon enough.

Health Regen

Apparently out of combat morale regen rates were too low as they are being increased by almost 40%! That’s a pretty big increase ad of course it’s welcomed, but frankly it’s the in-combat regen rates, both morale and power, that need to be addressed. Both are seemingly still at their level 65 values despite a 10 level rise in the cap and an increase in skill power costs as well as an increase in freep damage/creep morale pools. Unfortunately no mention of this issue was made in the patch notes.

4 responses

  1. The warg power drain will be remembered as a useful skill. Even if they increase the % to over 9000!, being a removable disease, and us lacking another removable disease to apply, nothing stops the freep to keep using a pot everytime we apply it. I think, it would be even a little bad for us to waste our time, because the freep has no animation/induction on the pot, while the rabid bite does.

    Oh well, they’re doing the same for the spider, but they have way more poisons to apply.

    19/10/2011 at 4:22 am

  2. dirhallith

    I’ve noticed the in-combat regen issue myself. I never used to run out of power prior to RoI (unless I was PvEing), but now I find myself constantly at a loss for power. In fact it nearly killed me the other day when 1v1ing a RK (waiting for enough power to pop on Shadow Howler to absorb a DoT was like watching grass grow, just dreadful).

    Here’s to hoping they realize this problem and fix it for us soon.

    19/10/2011 at 2:01 pm

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  4. Feelmybite

    I think that the boost that rabid bite got to 20% is nice and I’m currently testing if it’s worth it to use the Enhanced trait since, atm, most freep classes are QQing about power problems, but what I’ve noticed is that the Enhnaced trait is bugged atm. It says it adds 20% to the power drain, but the power drain is only 40% with the Enhanced trait slotted which means that the Enhanced trait is only adding 15%. I have bugged this, but pretty sure Turbine will fix it soon(tm).

    24/10/2011 at 2:16 am

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