A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Update: Lore-master 1vs1 Guide

I’ve updated the Lore-master 1vs1 guide in response to the class changes that came with Rise of Isengard. The Lore-master didn’t receive too many changes and none that substantially altered the way the class works on a fundamental level and that is reflected in the minor changes made to the 1vs1 guide.

Having said that some of the changes the Lore-master saw with this expansion are significant. I’ve highlighted some of the more important changes below as well as adding them to the main 1vs1 guide.

Improved Burning Embers

This is an uprated version of the Burning Embers skill and is gained at level 74. The main difference here is that Burning Embers can now stack with itself up to three times. It was already possible for multiple Lore-masters to stack their Burning Embers DoTs with one another, but now they can stack their own DoTs too!

With the appropriate legendary weapon legacies the DoT from this skill can last up to 40 sec and can tick for a significant amount of damage; somewhere between 200-300 fire damage every 5 sec.

A separate legendary weapon legacy can extend the range of Burning Embers from the base value of 30m to as much as 46m. This makes it the longest range skill in the game, even longer than the reach of Hunter skills!

Improved Sign of Battle: Wizard’s Fire

Previously Lore-masters had two separate Signs of Battle; Wizard’s fire, which dealt fire damage and Wizardry, which dealtlight damage. Wizardry has been removed from the game to be replaced by Wizard’s Fire and that skill receives an upgrade through an improved version: Improved Sign of Battle: Wizard’s Fire. The improved version has no cooldown and cannot be resisted.

In addition to doing its base damage it also places a DoT on the target as it did before. This DoT cannot be stacked by the same Lore-master, although multiple Lore-masters can stack their DoTs together.

With the appropriate legendary legacies the duration of this DoT can be extended to as much as 40 sec.

Improved Staff Sweep

This skill upgrades the base skill: Staff Sweep. The skill functions exactly the same as it did previously with the exception of a new feature. Upon a successful hit with this skill the Lore-master will receive a buff that increases his chance to score a critical hit with his next fire damage based skill. The magnitude of the buff is 15% and it can be stacked up to 3 times. The buff lasts until the Lore-master scores a critical hit with a fire skill or is out of combat for 9 sec.

Offence Ratings

Because Lore-masters now use Will for both their tactical and melee offence ratings they are able to gain significant ratings in both. Lore-masters can stack huge amounts of Will relatively easily to the point where their tactical and melee offence ratings can be very high, indeed a Lore-master’s melee offence ratings can even approach that of some melee classes e.g. Champions now.

What this means is that a Lore-master’s melee capabilities have been greatly enhanced. Lore-masters were always fairly decent in terms of dishing out melee damage because they are able to dual-wield a two handed weapon (a staff) and a one handed sword. Two handed weapons tend to deal fairly large amounts of damage anyway and with enhanced melee offence ratings Lore-masters can look to crit for somewhere in the order of 1.5-2k with their melee skills now. Even their auto-attacks can stack up to around 400-500 damage.

Wisdom of the Council

This is the Lore-master’s large heal. Previously it was on a 10 min cooldown, but that has now been reduced to 5 min. The implications are clear here, the Lore-master can use this skill more often, which means an increase in their overall survivability.

Call to the Valar

This skill serves two functions; on the one hand it resets the cooldowns on many of the Lore-master’s skills although thankfully not Lightning Storm, Ents go to War or Wisdom of the Council, and on the other hand it makes the Lore-master immune to interrupts for 10 sec. Previously this skill was on a 10 min cooldown, but this has been reduced to 5 min.

This is an easy skill to overlook, but it is actually an extremely potent skill for the Lore-master as it enables them to use their largest attacks with almost impunity.

Wound & Disease Removal

I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that the Lore-master’s wound/disease removal skill has been nerfed somewhat. Previously there was no cooldown for this skill, but that has been changed to a 10 sec cooldown. This can be reduced to 5 sec if the Lore-master is traited 4 deep in the blue pet line.

This is an important change for wargs as it means that our Savage Fangs bleed will be a little more effective now although to be honest not much more effective.


I have a Lore-master myself and he is now at level 75 with some decent gear, but nowhere near what I would consider a completed setup. Even so I hae noticed a fairly large increase in his damage output. I am seeing some very large crit numbers and the general impression I get is that when traited for damage the Lore-master has the potential to be one of the most powerful damage dealing classes in the game.

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