A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Questing Freeps – Hotspots

One aspect of the Isengard changes I have been looking is the change to quests. Creeps now gain infamy and freeps gain renown from these (now) daily quests in the Ettenmoors. That means more people questing. That means more people spread across the map. That means more opportunities for wargs to kill freeps!

I am still looking to get accurate data on where exactly the best points to hunt freeps are going to be, but some have already started to make themselves known:

  • Grothum – not the hub of freep activity thatI was expecting post-Isengard, but still a few freeps use this area for questing
  • Hoarehallow – freeps are popping down here for some easy questing it seems and of course have to travel along the approaches
  • Gramsfoot – the campers are out in force of course trying to camp he new Reavers so looks to be a good spot to hunt them back
  • Hoardale Cleansing – both creeps and freeps use the same location for a very easy quest and it seems to be attracting a fair few players

These are just my initial thoughts and I’ll be looking to create a full guide later on, but if any of you have any particular spots you have noticed are particularly attractive for questing freeps please leave a comment!


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