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Kelsen: Creep Damage IS Too Low

A recurring theme that I’ve heard mentioned from different people since Rise of Isengard launched is that creep dps in general feels a bit weak. I’ve seen a few wargs in particular complaining that they think their damage is on the low side. Now some might just put this down to ‘creep whining’, but in fact those people are spot on. The damage on creep side is indeed too low. How do I know this? Kelsen said so himself.

Responding to a player created thread on the matter Kelsen posted the following:

Bust out some mustard for those pants, here comes a reply.

The damage output from Creeps has not scaled as well as we had hoped (when examining small scale battles) and this is being addressed in patch; along with some nagging bugs that popped up.

Do we read the forums: Yes
Do we have time to answer every post: No – work needs to be done for the patch! 

I understand your angst, but keep in mind that there are hundreds of other people all posting with same urgency. Sometimes it is better to compile the data, do the work, and then later make a statement about what is being changed.

For those that feel nothing has been done to Creeps, I’m sorry you feel that way. I feel like the changes that went into RoI were not insignificant, but I also understand that this is only the beginning. Making adjustments to a system of this scope take time.

I hear and acknowledge your concerns. Work is being done to address them as quickly as possible.

I’ve added red highlighting to emphasise the damage issue. Now Kelsen didn’t give any numbers so we don’t know how much creep damage is going to rise nor do we know where it is supposed to be at. At least one player has theorised that his warg’s damage output is a good 30-35% lower than what it should be, but we have no way to confirm how accurate that figure is. What we do know is that we will see a damage increase in the next update. Huzzah!


3 responses

  1. Wargam of Silverlode

    Level 4 puppy here. Patch or update? Don’t they patch sooner than the next official update? It would be nice to be able to contribute a bit more. Too low damage output makes our squishiness that much worse. Time to follow the Paw a bit more than usual…

    08/10/2011 at 1:20 am

  2. Update. 🙂

    08/10/2011 at 1:44 pm

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