A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg Changes & The Burglar Influence

When Kelsen outlined his proposals for wargs earlier in the year he made a few interesting references to Burglars. I say interesting because it suggested that he saw the warg as a counterpart to the Burglar in the Ettenmoors. That view is further reinforced by the change to the initial proposal for Enhanced Skill: Disappear, which was supposed to be a  min reduction to the cooldown, but instead became a 3 min reduction… exactly the same as the maximum reduction in cooldown for the Burglar’s HiPs skill.

Now I’ve discussed the similarities and differences between wargs and Burglars before, but here I want to discuss something a bit different, albeit related to that discussion.

Are Wargs Creep Burglars?

Perhaps a better question would be whether Kelsen sees us as such? Does he see wargs as fulfilling the same roll as Burglars fulfill on the freep side? It’s an interesting question that raises a lot of other question depending upon the answer.

If yes then why are wargs a rather pale imitation of Burglars? Across the board wargs are inferior to Burglars in being able to fulfil a variety of roles. For example, our stealth is generally worse than a Burglar’s, as is our stealth detection. Our debuffs are nowhere near as potent as a Burglar’s is we’re meant to act in that capacity. Our crowd control options are severely limited by Burglar standards when it comes to locking down a target. Our dps doesn’t really compare with a well equipped Burglar either. As for survivability … well we can get out of a fight better than a Burglar, but we have nothing on them in terms of hanging in a fire-fight, even with Shadow Howler.

If no then why were some of the recent changes influenced by considerations concerning Burglars? Why is our Disappear cooldown only reduced to 7 min instead of 5 min if the Burglar isn’t a factor when considering design changes for the warg? If the Burglar isn’t a factor at all when considering warg changes then it shouldn’t come into the equation at all since our roles and abilities would be entirely separate.

In For A Penny …

… in for a pound. If Kelsen does indeed want to make wargs act in the same capacity as Burglars then we need the tools to be able to do so. Personally I don’t want to be a Burglar, I want to be a warg. To that end I wouldn’t like to see wargs turned into a like for like with Burglar’s, but by the same token if that is the intent then I think it has to be done properly. One can’t have half measures if that is the intent.

Comparing the two classes there are some big differences, which I outlined in the post I linked to above, but if they are linked by a shared purpose for the developers then the warg has to be brought up to speed and given access to the tools of the trade Burglars enjoy. The skills and traits don’t have to be exactly the same for this to happen, but they do have to have the same potency, which, at the moment, the warg’s side lacks compared with the Burglar.

Strength In Diversity

As I said I don’t want to see wargs turned into a creep version of the Burglar and in fact I would welcome more to separate the two classes. This is perhaps a topic that takes in creeps as a whole, but I think wargs do need a more distinctive feel to them and part of doing that would be to approach their development and advancement without reference to Burglar’s.

One could say that the references Kelsen made to Burglar’s in his blog post were simply from the point of view of giving the creep side, as a whole, some sort of counter-balance to abilities freeps had as embodied by the Burglar class. Ok fair point. However, why not reference Lore-masters then? Or Wardens? Or Minstrels? Why the Burglar specifically? The Burglar is not a warg and vice versa so why does the Burglar have a special place with regards to wargs?

I sincerely hope we see more warg development that moves away from the Burglar. We may share stealth with Burglars, but that’s about where the similarity ends. We are wargs, not Burglars. Please keep it that way.


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