A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Map Problems In Isengard

As anyone who has ventured creep side in the past few days will know there are some issues surrounding creep map skills that have made many creeps unhappy. There are two main issues and sadly one is warg specific.

Shared Cooldowns

The first issue, and the one that affects all creeps, is that good maps now share a single cooldown. Before Isengard good maps had separate cooldowns so using the good map to Tol Ascarnen would not put the good map to Lumber Camp on cooldown. That has now changed. Using any good map will put all good amps on cooldown. The cooldown for all good map skills is still 5 min.

This issue, whilst common to all creeps, affects wargs a little more. Wargs, being the creep scouts, rely upon their maps more than other creeps it can be argued. Separate cooldowns for good maps allowed us to effectively scout the map for freeps. With a single shared cooldown for good maps our scouting abilities will be hampered and we will find ourselves unable to scout as efficiently as before.

Some are saying that this issue is a bug and that holds out the hope of a return to the status quo ante Isengard. Other say that this shared cooldown is how the maps are supposed to work, which obviously means no change will be forthcoming if correct.

Maps Break Stealth

With the launch of Rise of Isengard all creep maps were converted from usable items into skills. However, these new skills are not listed as not breaking stealth. The result is that using a map skill will pop you out of stealth when you load in at your destination.

To be clear it is possible to activate a map skill whilst you are in stealth, however, upon loading at your destination your stealth will be broken and you will have to re-stealth.

A workaround for this has been found though, but it is less than ideal. You have to be out of stealth and then activate your map skill and whilst the map skill’s progress bar is advancing you press to activate stealth. Stealth will not immediately activate because another skill is in progress i.e.the map skill, but upon loading in at your location your stealth will kick in and you will stealth.

There are two problems with this approach though:

i) It requires us to map whilst unstealthed.

ii) There is a short delay between loading in and stealth activating. This could be long enough for a waiting freep to spot you and attack.

Thus the choice we have is to either map whilst stealthed, but have our stealth broken when we load in or to map whilst out of stealth and try to stealth upon loading in at our destination, but with the possibility that a waiting freep might attack us.

Again I am not sure whether this is working as intended, but I certainly hope it isn’t.


2 responses

  1. Muzzgagh

    Map to grams then map to wherever and while in transit screen hit your stealth key , its iritating to have to add another delay .. but stealth is our most important ability.

    02/10/2011 at 10:59 am

  2. Bloodspill

    I also hope this will change, I can see it getting me killed alot but also reducing my ability to scout the freeps and therefore keep my raid safe and find the freeps for a fight. However I don’t see how they can work around this as both maps and stealth are a skill so you can’t have them both activating at the same time.

    Im hoping the shared cooldowns it just a bug that will be fixed.

    02/10/2011 at 11:04 am

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