A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Isengard Warg Changes: Initial Thoughts

I’ve been playing for a few days now, which has given me the chance to see the changes that came to wargs with Rise of Isengard. Obviously I haven’t had much opportunity to try these changes out in warg vs freep situations as yet although there have been one or two. However, I have been able to assess some of the skill and trait changes so here are some initial thoughts.

Shadow Howler

I want to single this skill out in particular because it is something of a game hanger for wargs in that it offers a completely new play style for us. For those who are just gaining access to Shadow Howler, whether it’s through achieving rank 10 or by purchasing it through the store (and I very much recommend that you do if you are not close to rank 10) it can be a disconcerting skill to use. It bars use of our stealth skills and for many wargs that is a very strange experience indeed!

Having used the old version of Shadow Howler I can say with some confidence that the new version is awesome. It’s a genuine upgrade and a genuinely useful skill now. It really does make us tougher as well as boosting our damage output by a hefty 15%. The real test of this new version will be whether or not it allows us to hang in raid fights like other creeps, but certainly in 1vs1 situation it can swing the balance in our favour.

Howl Whilst Moving

We can now use our howl skills whilst moving e.g. Rallying Howl, Dire Howl & Shadow Howler. This does take some getting used to when you have been used to having to plant yourself on the spot to use these skills, but you quickly adapt and learn to love the freedom this change brings. It is hard to describe to non-wargs just how good this change is. No longer do we have to decide between healing and making our escape … now we can do both at the same time!

Increased Stealth

It’s not as much of an increase as I would have liked, but an increase is an increase! I have to admit to a broad grin spreading across my face as I was able to walk right past NPCs without them even sensing my presence nearby. Like the howls above this is a hard thing to convey to non-wargs and it may seem like a relatively small change to some, but it’s a huge leap forwards for wargs. I haven’t tested this against freeps with decent stealth detection levels like Burgers or Lore-masters, but so far it is looking good, at least as far as NPCs are concerned.

Increased Usefulness In Raids

Whilst we are still nowhere near being a crucial member of a general creep raid apart from scouting we do now have a few extra tools to offer. Both Howl of the Unnerving and Dire Howl will allow us to cause some havoc in the freep lines and because we can do so whilst moving we can do it more easily than ever before. It remains to be seen just how effective these skills will actually be, but any boost we can get has to be good right?

Rabid Bite & Flea Bitten

In a word ‘useless’. Both of them. These skills are pretty much worthless at the moment and frankly won’t have any real effect upon your gameplay. My advice is don’t even bother using them, they’re not worth the power consumption.

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