A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Burglars: War Of Attrition

I’ve discussed the issue of whether to pounce Burger or not before, but here I want to go into a little more depth on this topic and the related topic of exactly how to handle Burgers. This isn’t a full 1vs1 guide to Burgers, that will come after Rise of Isengard when I have time to assess changes coming to that class.

The Burger

Burgers are arguably a warg’s greatest foe. They have stealth like we do and it is usually better than ours. They can pop conjunctions like we can, and more often too. They have DoTs like we do, and again they can be more potent than our’s. They also have survival/escape skills like us and yet again they tend to be better than our’s. With all that in mind it can seem like an uphill struggle to defeat a Burger. There is truth to that statement if you take a short term view of defeating Burgers, but they become much more manageable when you look to defeat them over the long term …

Patience Is A Virtue

Playing a warg is made much easier if you have a lot of patience and fighting Burgers is a prime example of this. They have access to a lot of skills that make them very hard to kill and they have other skills that can reset the cooldowns on those skills so they can use them multiple times in a short space of time. This is why you have to adopt a more long term strategy.

Making a Burger burn through his escape/survival skills and his reset buttons can be time consuming, and even frustrating, but it can pay off. If you keep hammering away at the Burger they will eventually be forced to use these skills until they reach a point where they have them on cooldown without any reset button to make them instantly available again. Most of these skills have relatively long cooldowns, usually in the order of 5-10 minutes so once they have been used up they will take a little while to become available again.

It’s when those skills have all been used up that the Burger has nothing left to fall back on and we can go in for the kill.

Tools Of The Trade

So what are these skills? Well let’s go through them:

Touch and Go – This skill increases the Burger’s evade chance by 50% for 30 sec. That doesn’t mean that it will increase a 15% evade chance to 22.5%, it means it adds a flat 50% to their existing evade chance e.g. a 15% evade chance increases to 65%. This skill is on a 5 minute cooldown.

Find Footing – This skill is similar to Touch and Go, except that it is only usable when a Burger has been stunned, mezzed or knocked down. Activating this skill breaks the Burger out of all of those states. In addition to adding 50% to the Burger’s evade chance it also gives them a hefty heal. The extra evade chance lasts for 30 sec. It’s this skill that causes many wargs to say “Never stun a Burglar!“.

Hide in Plain Sight – Commonly called HiPS, this skill works similar to our Disappear skill. However, it has some additional functionality that Disappear doesn’t have, namely it sets the Burglar’s movement speed to 100% for 10 sec when activated. This skill is normally on a 10 min cooldown, but a legendary weapon legacy can reduce it to 7 min.

Knives Out – This skill reduces incoming melee damage by 80% and reflects 30% of incoming damage back at attackers, however, the Burger cannot block, parry or evade whilst using this skill. It also deals damage to 3 targets in a 5 metre radius. It has a cooldown of 5 min.

Ready and Able – This is a reset button that will instantly reset the cooldown of Touch and Go, Find Footing, Hide in Plain Sight, and two of the Burger’s conjunction starting skills. This skill has a 30 min cooldown.

Safe Fall – This skill prevents the Burger from taking falling damage short of death. The cooldown is 1 min.

How To Break The Tools

Touch and Go – This is a fairly simple skill to force the Burger to burn, you just have to hit them hard enough. Once the Burger is taking enough damage he will probably pop this skill and you will notice a lot of your attacks being evaded.

Find Footing – Again this is a simple skill to force the Burger to burn, just stun him. He will almost certainly immediately activate Find Footing, especially if he has already taken some damage as he will want the heal it gives.

Hide in Plain Sight – This is pretty much the same as the two above; deal enough damage to the Burger to get him close to death and he will likely activate HiPS. If you are alone this will probably be the last skill you force the Burger to burn as you will likely have to force him to burn through both Touch and Go and Find Footing first before you can do enough damage to get him to a point where he has taken enough damage that he feels he needs to escape and use HiPS.

Knives Out – This is similar to HiPS in that the Burger will probably opt to use Touch and Go first so you may have to work on him a little before you see him use this skill. Just keep hitting him and at some point he will activate this skill to stay alive, especially if he is low on morale.

Ready and Able – Unfortunately the only reliable way to make a Burger burn this cooldown is to make him burn through Touch and Go, Find Footing and HiPS first. Essentially you have to do all of the above steps twice.

Safe Fall – With a cooldown of 1 min there isn’t really any way to keep this thing off cooldown long enough for it not to be a factor. You will likely just have to ignore it.


As you can see there is quite a bit of work when trying to force a Burger to burn through their various cooldowns. You may be lucky enough to force them to burn them all in one encounter, but more likely it will take two attempts. Once you have burnt through the cooldowns though comes the critical moment. You have to hit the Burglar and hit them hard because the shortest cooldowns they have on those skills are just 5 minutes so if you don’t sieze your chance you will quickly be back at square one.

It takes a bit of practice to know when that sweet spot has come, but in time you will learn to make your real strike at just the right moment. The key is perseverance, it doesn’t always pay off, but as I said, with practice you can hone this tactic to an art and make it pay off every time and as we all know a warg’s favourite meat is a Burger!

3 responses

  1. Bloodspill

    Really nice to see this set out in an easy way to understand, even after years of creeping I still didnt have a full grasp of the burgs skills. I do tend to avoid burgs unless in a warg pack but now I might give it a go. However I usually find burgs don’t go anywhere alone and I have been killed by another burg before I can do any sort of damage on the first. I do agree that the sweetest meat if you can get it is a hobbit burg.

    20/09/2011 at 6:26 am

    • Aye, sometimes it can be hard to envision exactly what it is Burgers are using without seeing it all set out.

      21/09/2011 at 1:00 am

  2. Akart

    We’ve started doing this more on Arkenstone as of late and it’s gotten me more than a few burg kbs. Course there’s always the people who swear against it but most of them play star hugging 3 digit burgs anyway. 😉

    22/09/2011 at 3:48 am

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