A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Dealing With Hunter Tracks

Hunters are the one freep class that can actively track us even when we are stealthed. Sure other freep classes might spot us when we are stealthed, but that is usually if we happen to get too close to them. Hunters on the other hand can find us at large distances and home in on our positions. Before we get on to countering this let’s look at exactly why this is a problem.

What Is The Problem?

We rely on stealth for both offence and defence. Simply put stealth is our means of survival. We aren’t terribly tough out in the open so we need our stealth to protect us. Being tracked diminishes stealth’s effectiveness. Being forced to constantly drop stealth and re-stealth obviously isn’t helpful when trying to creep up on a freep and Hunters know it. Nor do Hunter tracks make it easy to escape from a tight spot as they can track us and direct pursuing freeps in our direction.

The Hunter’s tracking ability is on a 1 minute cooldown, which means that, whilst not spammable, it can be used frequently and certainly often enough to make life difficult for a warg. The more Hunters present the more often tracks can be performed and if there are enough Hunters present it can even make stealth nigh on useless for a warg if they focus their tracks on that specific warg.

NOTE: For those of you unsure as to when you have been tracked you will see a message in the chat channel that read “You feel as thought you are being followed …“.


The simplest and most direct response to being tracked is to drop stealth and then re-stealth. This breaks the track. You can even go a little further and drop stealth, re-stealth and then drop stealth again. You remain unstealthed until the Hunter tracks again and then immediately stealth. This means the Hunter doesn’t get a track on you long enough to pinpoint your position. Obviously this latter technique is really only effective when you have somewhere safe to hide; you don’t want to be standing unstealthed in the midst of freeps.

Another tactic is to try and remain outside of a Hunter’s tracking range. However, this means staying at considerable range from a Hunter, perhaps as much as 140 metres, which makes getting into the action more difficult.

If you have any of the tracking abilities i.e. Sense Prey or Enhanced Sense Prey you can try and turn the tables a little and track the Hunter back. This might unnerve more inexperienced Hunters to move along and stop tracking, but realistically it probably won’t achieve much.

Use It To Your Advantage

We are wargs and we are fucking awesome, but we are also cunning so rather than just trying to counter that Hunter track let’s use it to our advantage …

The Sacrifice – This only works if you are in a pack or at least coordinating with other wargs. Essentially you sacrifice one warg to be tracked. The rest of the pack remains outside the Hunter’s tracking range so he can’t pick them up. The warg being tracked acts as if he hasn’t noticed the track and simply let’s the Hunter see his position. When the Hunter and/or his group gets close to try and kill the tracked warg the rest of the pack rushes in and deals out an ass kicking.

The NPC Shuffle – This really only works in a 1vs1 situation. Again you allow yourself to be tracked so that the Hunter knows where you are. You move yourself into a position that looks vulnerable, such as getting closer to some freep friendly NPCs. This should entice the Hunter to attack you as he thinks he has a better chance of killing you. When the attack begins you proceed to fight him, but gradually move the fight away from the freep NPCs (it doesn’t matter if you actually pull them at this stage). Once you are at a safe distance from where the freep NPCs spawn hit Disappear to reset the NPCs and get a stun on the Hunter who is now all on his own and ready to be finished off.

Constant Tracks

If a particular Hunter is specifically targeting you with his tracks then there is really only one answer … GANK! This is really simple, you get your pack and you gank the crap out of that Hunter until he gets the message not to keep harassing you. The trick here is to attack him when is not expecting it. For example, you don’t want to be killing him during a mass battle, he expects to die then. Rather you want to use precision hit and run tactics to kill him when he isn’t even thinking he is in danger.

A great example of this is when the full freep raid is gathered up somewhere, buffing up in preparation for riding out. The pack gathers up and runs into the freep raid in stealth, the Paw pounces to stun him and the rest use Bloody Maul from stealth and then a quick Swipe to finish him off. The pack then hits Disappear and makes their escape with no casualties hopefully. A few of those should get the message across to stop targeting you specifically.

2 responses

  1. Awesome work once again, brother!

    as a side-note: the “You feel as though you’re being followed…” appears under the “standard” channel. I usually have a chat tab dragged to the top of my screen just for the Standard channel. Sometimes you get tracked so much you actually can’t keep track of them. In that case, I do the following:
    As soon as I get tracked, and I know I’ve dealt with the track, I hit “n” twice (turn floaty names on/off). This will give a double entry in the standard channel, so I only need to keep track of the bottom line.

    15/09/2011 at 9:04 am

  2. Odewulf

    I’m using a plugin called ‘Alerter’ which will display a nice big red message in the center of my screen whenever I’m tracked. See it here: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=609

    20/01/2013 at 9:02 pm

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