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Eye Rake: Save It Or Use It?

Some discussions recently have brought to my attention that many wargs are not using Eye Rake as part of their standard damage rotation. This is a little odd given how effective a damage skill Eye Rake is. Before we get into how to properly use it in a damage rotation let’s spend a moment looking at why some wargs might not be doing so.

Why ‘Save’ Eye Rake?

Eye Rake interrupts a target’s actions. Thus it is a great skill to use when you see that Lore-master trying to use Ents Go To War or when you see the Minstrel in a healing induction. A lot of wargs will have the view that Eye Rake should be saved for such occasions. There’s nothing wrong with that view, it is a perfectly valid stance to take and indeed can prove very useful in a tight spot. Indeed getting off a guaranteed interrupt at just the right moment can save a wipe or really hamper the enemy’s efforts.

Eye Rake As A Damage Skill

The trouble with ‘saving’Eye Rake for interrupting and only interrupting is that you miss out on a really good damage skill. Wargs don’t have a huge number of skills to play around with, so setting one aside, especially one of our higher damage skills, for a special purpose hinders our damage output somewhat.

Eye Rake does high damage (for a warg anyway) and it is on a relatively short cooldown of just 15 sec and it is one of our cheapest attacks in terms of power cost. There is also the point to be made that Eye Rake gets a hefty positional damage bonus when used from behind a target (yes that is ironic). All of this adds up to a really useful damage skill.

How To Use Eye Rake

The first thing to say is don’t be afraid to use it! It’s very tempting to think that you need to try and save this skill for interrupting, but remember that we are trying to make it part of our standard damage rotation here so make sure you use it every time it is off cooldown.

Whilst we’re on the subject of cooldowns it is worth mentioning that there is a class trait that will reduce the cooldown of Eye Rake by 5 sec. Now on the face of it that may seem a bit poor, but it means that we get to use this awesome damage skill every 10 sec! I would recommend you seriously consider slotting this trait.

Since Eye Rake gets a positional bonus damage it should be one of the skills you use when behind a target, ideally when you have pounced them at the start of a fight. I’ve seen Eye Rake get devastating crits of around 900 or so and that sort of hit would make a really nice opener to set yourself up for the rest of the fight. The other advantage to use Eye Rake early in the fight is that it will be off cooldown again 15 (or 10) sec later and thus you can use it more often in the fight

Because of its low power cost and relatively short cooldown it’s an easy skill to fit into your damage rotation, much more so than either Scratch and Snip or Swipe. You will find that you can get off quite a few Eye Rakes during the course of an average battle if you are using it every time it is available. That should mean that you see a fairly decent rise in your dps output. Remember Eye Rake isn’t replacing any other skill you would normally use, you are ‘bringing it in from the cold’so to speak and thus the only thing it is replacing is auto-attack damage when you are unable to use any of your other skills due to either cooldowns or power issues.


2 responses

  1. Bloodspill

    I was a bit wary of eye rake at first but now it is definatly part of my damage rotation, I use it mid was through Scratch and Snip as it halts the long animation of S&S and means you get some extra damage in faster. So my usual attack strategy on a freep is creep up behind, pounce-S&S-Eye rake all before he is up and ready to attack then come the slow/dots.

    12/09/2011 at 5:45 pm

  2. As a general indication of what positional damage does, here’s a test on a lvl 62 bloodlust leech:

    Face to face:
    … scored a hit with Eye Rake on Bloodlust Leech for 297 Shadow damage to Morale.

    From Behind:
    … scored a hit with Eye Rake on Bloodlust Leech for 446 Shadow damage to Morale.

    Yes indeed, that’s a 50% damage increase!

    13/09/2011 at 6:47 am

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