A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Video: The Warg In Rise of Isengard

In this video we get to see some of the warg changes that will be coming with Rise of Isengard in action. First of all I highly recommend that you play this video in 1080p mode and watch it fullscreen so you can see the detail on the skills, etc.

Some of the highlights to watch out for:

Shadow Howler Tooltip – +15% damage, +2025 armour, +616 tactical mitigation and of course the 1k morale bubble

Howl Skills – watch out for howl skills like Shadow Howler and Dire Howl being used on the move

Howl of the Unnerving Tooltip – -600 to target b/p/e ratings and 25% chance to fear 4 targets for 5 sec

Trait Slots – An extra racial and class trait slot

Combat – Some nice action on show, including fighting a Champion with Shadow Howler activate

Morale/Power – Very high values, but notice that the warg is rank 15 so perhaps this is with full rank 15 Battlefield Promotions in place


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