A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Rise of Isengard: Creep Dev Diary (The Warg Bits)

We had a creep dev diary today. Amongst the boring orc stuff there was of course mention made of everyone’s favourite stealth class… the warg. Now the changes announced in this dev diary will probably be pretty familiar to you already as they are pretty much what Kelsen outlined in his previous blog post. However, there were some additional details given, including crucial numbers.

I have posted the warg section of the dev diary below and highlighted the new information in red. I’ll go into more detail on exactly what this new information means in a subsequent post.


All Howls

  • Removed inductions & allow use while moving
  • Revise animations for movement

Rend Flesh

Current: +10% Incoming Melee/Ranged Damage debuff that last for 1m with a 5m cooldown

Reason for Change: Making this a reactive skill allows me to add this to their standard rotation while not having to rely on a hefty cooldown.

  • Changed skill to trigger off crit events
    • Removed cooldown
    • 125 Power Cost
    • 266 Damage

Maul / Bloody Maul

Current: Light damage skill with a DoT that is amplified by stealth. (5s Cooldown)

Reason for Change: Provide a healing debuff skill to compensate for the Burglar’s Insignias.

  • Added a critical effect: “Festering Wound” which reduces incoming healing by 25% for 30s
    • Non-stackable

Dire Howl

  • Reduce cooldown from 15m to 5min

Flea Bitten

Current: -143 Agility, -1300 Wound Resist Rating or 2m. (2m Cooldown)

Reason for Change: The animation causes this skill to take awhile to trigger and a reduction in Agility has limited uses.

  • Effect Duration & Cooldown changed to 45s/45s
  • Replaced Agility debuff with +10% Induction, +10% Attack Duration debuff
  • Now an AoE (10m range, 3 targets)

Howl of Unnerving

Current: 1s Induction Howl that applies 2 Dread to 4 players within 10m (1m Cooldown).

Reason for Change: Players dislike this skill because it requires traiting and the effect does not stack.

  • Does not break stealth
  • Reduces B/P/E ratings of targets by 600
  • 25% Chance to Fear each target for 5s
  • Increased range from 7.4 to 10m

Shadow Howler

Reason for Change: Negating 10 dmg in a world of 1-2k crits is not attractive.

  • Skill now applies a Bubble every 30s that negates 1000 points of damage.
  • Added 616 Tactical Mitigation
  • Usable in combat
  • Usable while moving

Trait Resistance Boost

Current: Song, Cry, Physical, & Tactical Resist rating increase

Reason for Change: Unified Resistance Rating provides more bang for the buck.

  • Convert resists to Unified Resistance Rating

Foe of the Light

  • Replaced Light Defence with Tactical Mitigation
  • Increased Stealth bonus from 2 to 4

Pack Alpha

  • Added Finesse Rating

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