A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg Themed Tribes

I raised this idea on the forums recently, but was met with less than a favourable response. Well this is my blog so I’m going to raise it again here because I like the idea a lot and I want to share.

Let me start by saying that what I am talking about here isn’t a warg ‘only’ tribe, it’ s a warg ‘themed’ tribe. Those two concepts are very different and neither needs the other in order to exist. Indeed a warg only tribe could be setup right now, all you have to do is invite only wargs as members. Warg themed tribes do not exist at the moment and the question I am asking is why not?

Currently there are four options for creating a tribe: a mixed tribe, a Blogmal tribe, an Ongburz tribe, and a Tarkrip tribe. So one general purpose tribe option and three orc tribe options. Hmmm … why no spider or warg options? We’re creeps too!

For those of us who really love our wargs a warg themed tribe options would add another level of immersion and immersion is sometimes in short supply in the Ettenmoors. It wouldn’t even be that hard to do, just use one of the existing tribe options as a template and change the titles. Imagine being able to create a tribe that was built around wargs with appropriate titles and ranks. It’s not earth shattering stuff, but it would give those of us who enjoy our wargs a better sense of playing the character of a warg.

It’s probably not very high on the devs’ to do list, but with the recent focus on PvMP perhaps they just might manage to squeeze it in. I hope so.


One response

  1. Celtar @ Nimrodel

    I have to agree with this idea in regards to Wargs, seems they are pack animals so a tribe would be something that would be something a warg would be interested in.

    Spiders on the other hand I am not so sure about. To me they aren’t a pack/pride/tribe sort of

    05/09/2011 at 4:56 pm

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