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Warg Packs: Part II

In my last post I talked about warg packs and what they are. What I didn’t talk about was why warg packs cause such anger and upset amongst freeps. It’s a big topic and a lot more involved than you might think, but it is worth a warg’s time to consider it because I can guarantee you will come across this rage at some point.

Why Are They Upset?

This is a good question and to answer it we have to put ourselves in a freep’s shoes for a moment.

Imagine you have just ridden out from Glan Vraig and are heading off to wherever the action is. You haven’t ridden for more than 30 seconds when suddenly … WHAM! You’re dead.

What happened? The pack got you. You probably didn’t even wake up out of your stun. You probably didn’t get a chance to fight back or use any of your skills. In short the pack beat the living shit out of you before you had a chance to blink.

How can that be fair? You didn’t get a chance to fight back. Even if you had how could you have beat 6 or more wargs at once? Can’t those wargs fight you on even terms? Are they so lame that they need so many to kill you?

You see why a freep would think that what just happened is really unfair on them? Now imagine this happening to the same freep four or five times a night. Imagine that they are trying to get inside a keep being attacked only they can’t because a pack of wargs keeps ganking them. You see how a freep can get upset at those wargs ‘ruining’ his gameplay?

What The Freep Doesn’t See

In the example above all the freep is likely to see is a horde of wargs appearing out of thin air and killing them with no chance to defend themselves. The wargs of course see a lot more than that.

For starters freeps should understand that for every time the pack gets them they have probably escaped the pack, often without even realising it. The pack isn’t all powerful, we don’t catch every single freep we see. In fact it is often the case that our hunts end in failure. Maybe the freep turns away at a critical moment; maybe we lag out; maybe we become bugged, etc. The point is that warg packs do not always get their man. Far from it.

When warg packs are successful it is often because freeps make stupid mistakes such as choosing the same path to travel even though they have just been killed by a warg pack at that location. Another classic is when trying to enter a besieged keep; I’ve lost count of the number of times a freep will attempt to ride in by themselves even though they know there are wargs guarding the gate instead of riding in with other freeps for safety in numbers.

Another thing freeps tend to do is have blinkers on. For example; say a warg pack attacks a small group of freeps and wipes them, but looses a couple of wargs in the process. The freeps who have just been killed will sometimes, consciously or otherwise, ignore the fact that they managed to get some kills of their own and instead focus on the fact that they were ‘ganked’. The feeling of being beaten ‘unfairly’ outweighs any success they managed to achieve in the confrontation.

One last thing; freeps, in my experience, seem to think that the warg pack is operating to some master plan. That is not the case. Wargs are opportunists. We take a meal whenever we can get it. We don’t have some grand strategy to catch and kill freeps. We are often just roaming around in our pack looking for freeps that have strayed off the beaten path. If you happen to be a freep that is there when we are then you are just unlucky. We are not following you around or specifically targeting certain people.

What Do You Do About The Whining?


Seriously. It is that simple. Freeps are going to whine when your pack kills them. You can either be apologetic for playing your class to its strengths and having fun or you can accept that as a warg you are not liked and get on with playing the game.

You aren’t ruining their gameplay. They are. They have come into a PvP zone and are moaning that other players have killed them. You see the oddity in that? If they feel that having their toon die is ruining their PvMP experience then frankly they would be better off not coming into the Ettenmoors at all.

Rather than whine about warg packs I would love to see freeps band together and form a warg hunting group. Get payback on those wargs. See how they like it! But they don’t. I have no idea why. Maybe it is just easier to call wargs lame and whine about how unfair it was to be ‘ganked’ than it is to actually do something about it.

When you are called lame, or an ezmoder or they say you are crap because you need half a dozen other wargs with you to kill a freep just take it on the chin. Accept it as a badge of honour. Embrace all the rage that is directed towards you. What a whiner thinks of you isn’t important because the pack has one final use for you; your packmates will tell you how awesome you really are.

Remember: You are a warg. You are awesome. Your brothers are wargs. They are awesome.

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