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Warg Packs: Part I

There has been some chatter recently on warg packs and by ‘chatter’ I mean whining. It’s nothing new of course, but this latest round of QQ does give me the opportunity to discuss warg packs. I have spoken about people whining about warg packs before, on more than one occasion actually: here, here and here. I have touched on how the pack can often heighten the whining about wargs, but I haven’t looked at how and why the pack creates such animosity amongst freeps in-depth. Before we get to the whining though we need to look at what a warg pack is.

What Is A Warg Pack?

The simple answer is a group of wargs. That is a fair enough description of course, but it misses so much of what the pack is. A warg pack isn’t just a group of wargs roaming around together and it isn’t just another fellowship or raid. It is, I would argue, a completely unique grouping that is found nowhere else in the game.

For one thing it is a very select club. You MUST be a warg to get in. Yes I know occasionally we include a visible to act as bait, but that is very much the exception to the rule. No other class in the game so consistently seeks to group with itself in the way wargs do. You might get occasional Burglar packs on some servers, but on almost every server you will find a warg pack operating fairly regularly and on the larger servers there may be more than one.

Wargs are, on their own, relatively weak creeps in the grand scheme of things. Our dps isn’t all that good; our debuffs are a bit lacklustre and our survivability isn’t all that great. I’m not saying we aren’t effective solo, we are, but all in all we aren’t particularly strong as individuals. However, many of our abilities become amplified when we have numbers: our DoTs stack, our heals stack, we can co-ordinate in stealth, and we know what each other is capable of.

The pack exists for one main reason: individually we are weak, together we are strong. Remember the motto: I am a warg. I am awesome. My brothers are wargs. They are awesome.

How Does The Pack Work?

Very simply. Because we are all wargs we each know what the others are capable of. We know their skills. We know their limitations. We know the bugs that affect us as a class. We know what each warg should and shouldn’t be doing in a given situation. At the risk of sounding melodramatic we operate almost like a hive mind.

It’s this high level of coordination that allows us to amplify our offensive capabilities. We know that when we all use Bloody Maul together that freep IS going down. We know that when we designate someone to stay in stealth to track that Burglar IS going to die. We know that when we coordinate our Sprints that fleeing Champion IS going to be caught.

It’s not just our offence that is boosted, we also find safety in numbers. Our Rallying Howl skill stacks and it reinforces our dependence upon one another. One Rallying Howl is going to do bugger all to save us. When our packmates use it with us though we suddenly have a major heal. When we’re fleeing from freeps our packmates will pounce our pursuers to help us get away or use Cripple to slow them down. We don’t save ourselves, our packmates do.

How Does The Pack Differ to Raids?

A general creep raid can be a lot of fun for a warg, but is is different from the pack. For one thing some raid leaders don’t like to have too many wargs in their raid, instead preferring Reavers for melee dps. When wargs are included they are often given a scouting role. When fighting does break out wargs are often expected to harass the freep lines, especially their healers, rather than be a main component of the creep raid’s melee charge.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that per se, but it does mean wargs operate differently in a raid than they do in a pack. With roles such as scouting and harassment wargs are effectively given carte blanche to operate independently from the main creep raid. We don’t even have to follow the raid’s RAT at times. Compare that with the ‘hive mind’ of the warg pack and you can see quite a striking difference.

I should point out that being part of a raid and operating like this can be great fun! Don’t think that the only means of fun group play for the warg is in a pack. Sometimes even visibles can be fun!

Next Time …

Ok so we’ve seen what the warg pack is all about. In Part II I’m going to get onto why it causes such anger amongst freeps.


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