A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Rise of Isengard: Stealth Level Boost

Amongst the various changes coming for wargs with Rise of Isengard are some changes to how our stealth works. Thankfully the change to stealth is a pure unadulterated buff. This is especially reassuring since stealth is at the very core of our class. So what is changing?

Well basically we are getting more of it! At the moment wargs are limited to increasing their stealth level by +5 if they have all the relevant traits slotted. When I say ‘all relevant traits I mean of course Enhanced Skill: Stealth and Foe of the Light. It’s pretty paltry stuff really, especially considering that Burgers can increase their stealth level by much more than this through equipment, traits, etc. Wargs have been calling for an increase to their stealth level for a while now and thankfully the devs have listened.

So what exactly is increasing?

  • Enhanced Skill: Stealth – the current +3 stealth will rise to +4 stealth
  • Foe of the Light – the current +2 stealth will double to +4 stealth
This means that with both traits equipped our stealth level will go from +5 to +8. That’s not a bad increase, but is it enough? Well I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I think +8 is still too little. I would have ideally liked to see another trait added that can be used to increase our stealth level. By adding another such trait we would have the option of increasing your stealth level, but it would be a trade off if we do so meaning that not every warg can run around with a very high stealth level without a consequence.
In short it’s a positive change, but one that simply doesn’t go far enough. Burgers are still going to be the kings of stealth on the Moors for a while yet.

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