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Rise of Isengard: Rabid Bite Nerf

So far we’ve taken a look what’s going to be changing for the warg when Rise of Isengard launches and it’s been, for the most part, buffs. That’s a good thing. However, as is often the case not all the changes are good …

 Rabid Bite

This is one of our most useful skills for hampering freep healers and it’s one of the few skills we have that is truly effective in terms of contributing to a raid situation. It’s even useful in 1vs1 situation against classes like Burgers or Wardens. Unfortunately Rabid Bite looks to have been hit by the nerf bat.

Currently Rabid Bite applies an incurable debuff to a target that drains an amount of power from the target over a period of 30 sec. That effect has been completely removed and replaced with a different effect. The new effect increases a target’s skill power cost by 10%. The rank 14 trait that enhances this skill is also changing as you would expect. It will now increase the magnitudde of Rabid Bite’s debuff from 10% to 20%.

Why Is This A Nerf?

On the face of it it may not seem like much of a nerf. After all the skill is producing the same basic effect i.e. diminishing a freep’s power pool. When we look at the effect a little closer though we see that the new effect is actually a much weaker version of the previous effect.

Increasing skill power cost by 10%, or even 20%, will certainly have an effect, but many freep classes already have various means of reducing their power costs, whether it be through traits or legendary weapon legacies. Those buffs alone will offset some of the effect of the new Rabid Bite.

Another point to consider is that this new effect has no immediate effect. The freep actually has to use skills to make the effect work. Trough careful rotations the freep could look to use his least costly skills until the duration of the debuff has passed. Compare that with a direct power drain that works straight from the point of application and continues to do its job irrespective of what the freep does.

How Will This Affect Us?

It’s hard to tell at this stage because this new effect has only been seen on Bullroarer. Until we can get our hands on it and test it on Live it’s not possible to say how it will play out in a real PvMP scenario. What we can say is that it won’t be as effective as the old effect, but how much less effective remains to be seen.

What is perhaps most disappointing about this change though is that one of the only really unique skills (along with Weavers) that we could bring to a raid is being nerfed. Wargs are already a bit limited in term sof what they can do in a raid situation and this change really does nothing to remedy that.


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