A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Rise of Isengard: Warg Skill Changes

I made a post a couple of days ago concerning the upcoming PvMP changes we will see when Rise of Isengard launches. What I didn’t do, however, is go into any great detail about skill and trait changes. That’s what this post is for!

 Shadow Howler

This is a big one so let’s tackle it first. Shadow Howler is a non-stealth stance for wargs. It can only be used whilst you are out of stealth and it will not allow you to use disappear. It’s a toggle skill so it’s easy to turn it off if you do need stealth functionality back.

It is classified as a howl skill, which means that it will have no induction and be usable whilst moving. It is also usable in-combat. There is a short animation when the skill activates, approx 1 sec or so.

The stance gives you several benefits to make up for losing your stealth abilities. It increases your armour value, increases your tactical mitigation, increases your damage output and perhaps most interesting of all it grants you a morale ‘bubble’. Since most of those benefits are pretty self explanatory I’ll focus on the morale bubble.

How this works is that when you activate Shadow Howler you are given an extra 1,000 points of morale. This extra morale is depleted first when you take damage rather than your regular morale. Once the 1,000 morale has been depleted by damage you then use your own morale to take damage just like normal. The 1,000 points of extra morale refreshes every 30 sec so you will gain this extra morale every 30 sec.

To be clear this extra morale refreshes continuously whilst Shadow Howler is active. It isn’t the case that when it is used up that’s it gone, it will be granted again after 30 sec have passed.

 Sense Prey

Our tracking ability, gained at rank 9, has had a small change. It’s an important change though. The cooldown has been reduced from the current 2 minute value to just 1 minute. That puts it on par with tracking talismans and is long overdue. The skill itself remains unchanged as far as I could see, but at least now we will be able to use it more often, which should help our scouting abilities.

 Howl of the Unnerving

At the moment this skill is next to useless. All it does is place a rather small dread debuff on freeps, which can easily be negated with hope tokens or destiny hope. With Isengard though this skill becomes much more useful. The dread debuff is going and in its place there will be a debuff that lowers freeps block/parry/evade ratings. This alone qualifies this skill for the description of ‘useful’, but there’s more!

The skill will also have a chance to fear freeps for a few seconds. There will be a 25% chance to apply a fear lasting 3-5 sec according to Kelsen’s warg blog. That may not seem like a very high chance, but it’s better than what we have now and more to the point we have no fear ability whatsoever at the moment!

The skill is an AOE skill and assuming the number of targets doesn’t change from its present value it will affect up to 4 freeps. It is also a ‘howl skill’, which means it is usable whilst moving and has no induction. Oh and it will be usable whilst in stealth!

 Flea Bitten

I haven ever been a big fan of this skill as it currently stands. It lowers a freep’s agility and debuffs their wound resist rating. Whooptydoo! The new version will instead increase a freep’s induction time as well as their attack duration by 10%. These are definitely better debuffs than the existing ones, but 10% seems like quite a low value. We shall see how effective this is after people have had a chance to test it out of course.

 Rend Flesh

Another awesome skill and again it is getting some love. For starters the ridiculous cooldown of 5 minutes is being removed. There will be no cooldown at all.The duration of 1 minute seems to be staying, but with no cooldown this skill can be used again and again … assuming you get crits. Yes, like Frenzy, this skill will work off crit events. It’s a pretty sweet change in my opinion and adds a bit more depth to a standard warg rotation.

Another very welcome change to this skill is the fact that it will actually do damage now in addition to increasing the amount of damage a freep takes.

 Dire Howl

This is a pretty useful skill at the moment, well for those who have access to it given that it is a high ranked skill. For those who don’t know it’s an AOE silence affecting up to 4 targets. The change here is that the frankly ludicrous 15 minute cooldown the skill currently has is being reduced to a much more palatable 5 minutes. That’s still quite long in my opinion, especially as freeps have options to cure silences, but still better than 15 minutes.

Because this is a ‘howl skill’ it will be usable whilst moving and will have no induction. This measn it could be a pretty effective harassment tool to use against freep healers. Just run through the back of a freep raid howling away and watch the healers stop their healing for a while.

 Maul/Bloody Maul

This is one of our bread and butter skills so changing it was always going to be a bit of a risky move. However, the change here is pretty damned sweet. The skill will function the same was it does now, but whenever you score a critical hit with it there will be a debuff applied to the target called Festering Wound. This debuff lowers the target’s incoming healing rating by 25%.

This is a pretty serious debuff that should help wargs get their target down even when the target is being held.


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