A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Rise of Isengard: Which Traits To Buy

In the last post I focused on which skills were good value for money. Now it’s the turn of the traits. These are apparently priced in the range of 195-395 TP each. As before each entry will have a rating describing how good a purchase it is in terms of value.

 Advanced Skill: Howl of the Unnerving

Gained at rank 9

Kelsen’s warg blog proposed that this skill will function different to how it currently works. As with all howl skills it will have no induction and be usable whilst moving. In terms of effects it will apply a debuff to a freep’s b/p/e ratings. It also has a 25% chance of fearing each target for between 3-5 seconds. Oh and it doesn’t break stealth to use it! If these changes make it into the game 9and we’re still awaiting confirmation from Bullroarer on that) then this could be a pretty useful skill to have. The chance of a fear alone is a big boost and should help in harassing freep healers.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy

 Advanced Skill: Pack Hunters

Gained at rank 6

This is a very handy wee skill to have in your arsenal. It’s a toggle skill that is applied to a freep and lasts until either the freep is dead, you are dead or the freep gets out of range/out of combat. Whilst the freep has this skill on them they will take an extra 23 damage every single time they are hit and yes that includes ticks from DoTs! This is a beautiful skill for helping to burn down hard to hit targets such as Guardians and Burglars.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy, but rank 6 requires relatively little infamy so may want to gain rank rather than buy

 Advanced Skill: Shadow Howler

Gained at rank 10

This skill looks to have undergone a fair bit of change according to the information coming from the Bullroarer testers. I’m going to be devoting an entire post to this skill at some future point, but for now what you need to know is that this is a stance for wargs. It prevents you using stealth, but it increases your armour, damage, tactical mitigation (yay!) and provides you with 1,000 points of temporary morale every 30 seconds. It’s obviously going to require testing to say how effective this is.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy (provisional pending testing)

 Enhanced Skill: Eye Rake

Gained at rank 11

This is a pretty straightforward trait. All it does is reduce the cooldown of your Eye Rake skill (gained at rank 6) by 5 sec. Eye Rake is a great skill to be sure, but the cooldown on its is already quite short (just 15 sec) so this trait might be something of a luxury. Certainly reducing the cooldown of Eye Rake would make it a more useful part of your damage rotation, but only if you have spare Turbine Points

Value for money: poor, don’t recommend buying unless you have lots of Turbine Points

 Enhanced Skill: Rabid Bite

Gained at rank 14

With the changes to Rabid Bite this trait is next to worthless. All it does is double the magnitude of the power cost increase debuff of Rabid Bite to 20% instead of 10%. Testing will have to be done to see how effective the new Rabid Bite is, but it is almost certainly a major nerf to the skill as it currently stands.

Value for money: poor, don’t recommend buying

 Enhanced Skill: Sense Prey

Gained at rank 10

This trait alters the Sense Prey skill to allow you to track stealthed freeps. Obviously you need the Sense Prey skill to be able to make any use of this trait. The ability to track any freep whether he is stealthed or not is an amazingly powerful ability. This ranks as one of our most useful traits.

Value for money: extremely good, highly recommend to buy (you need the Sense Prey skill to gain any benefit from this trait).

 Foe of the Light

Gained At Rank 10

This trait increases your light mitigation (whoopteedoo!) and your stealth level (fuck yeah!). The fact that it increases your stealth level is reason enough to buy this skill given how few means we have of doing so.

Value for money: very high, recommend to buy

 Pack Alpha

Gained at rank 11

This trait increases your melee offence rating and your melee critical rating. The amounts involved aren’t huge, but it’s a fairly solid trait that will serve you well if you have room to slot it. A permanent boost to your damage output is never a bad thing.

Value for money: good, advise to buy if you can afford it

 Pack Elder

Gained at rank 8

This trait, according to Kelsen’s warg blog, will increase defences versus certain weapon types and provide a greater chance for the warg to penetrate the target’s defences. It’s hard to say how useful this will be without seeing test results so this is more of a provisional entry at the moment.

Value for money: TBD, recommend not buying until Bullroarer test information available

 Pack Mentality

Gained at rank 7

A pretty decent all rounder this one. It increases our parry and evade ratings as well as increasing our physical and tactical mitigation ratings. Nothing bad about any of that, especially the last one.

Value for money: good, recommend to buy

 Enhanced Skill: Disappear

Gained at rank 9

Reduces the cooldown of Disappear by 3 minutes. The proposed cleanse feature has been left out. Probably not worth buying/traiting this trait given that there are plenty of other options available that have very compelling effects.

Value for money: poor, don’t recommend to buy unless you really want Disappear on a 7 min cooldown


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