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Rise of Isengard: Warg Changes

Yesterday Turbine lifted their NDA on the Isengard Beta Programme. That means that a torrent of new information suddenly appeared on the Turbine forums about the forthcoming expansion and what changes we can expect. So how will wargs fare in Isengard?

There is a lot of information to get through so let’s break it down.

Free Players

When the Rise of Isengard expansion launches on 27th September free and premium players will be able to play as creeps in the Ettenmoors. They will have access to the Reaver class free of charge, but we all know that the warg is most fun to play so can they gain access to that too? Yes! Purchasing the warg class, or any other class, can be done through the Turbine Store, which will be made available to creep players. Each class will apparently cost 795 TP according to posts on the Turbine forum. A bargain for access to the best creep class in the game if you ask me!


All creep classes will have  access to all of their skills by rank 10. Skills that were previously gated behind ranks 11+ will drop down to rank 10. So if you are already rank 10 you should automatically have every skill when Isengard launches. From other posts on the forum it seems that traits granted at ranks 11+ will remain where they are and won’t drop to rank 10 as the skills do.

A very big change that is coming is the ability for creep players to purchase skills and traits in the Turbine Store. This means that any rank of creep can buy any rank of skill for their class. So yes a rank 0 warg could buy a rank 10 skill if he wanted to.

In terms of cost Lestache on the urbine forum posted the following information:

Class traits range in price from 195-495 TP

Rank 1 corruptions are 195 TP. I don’t know what rank 2 or rank 3 corruptions will cost.

Racial Traits range from 195-395 TP.

I’ll have more to say on the subject of buying skills from the store in a future post, but for the moment let’s just leave it at presenting the information.

Battlefield Promotions

These are a new mechanic that Kelsen announced a while ago, but in the general day to day business of the game seem to have been largely forgotten. The idea behind them is simple enough; you gain a Battlefield Promotion with each rank and each promotion increases your morale, power, damage and finesse rating. There are 15 Battlefield Promotions, one for each rank.

Unfortunatly I couldn’t find any posts concerning the Battlefield Promotions for wargs specifically, but Lestache posted a little about their use with a Defiler so perhaps we can take this as an indication of how they will work for wargs.

Battlefield Promotions seem pretty cool. Not that anyone will really have to worry about R15 creeps anytime soon, but I was able to hit 16.8k morale on a R15 defiler, and have enough Finesse to reduce resists and total BPE by 23% each. (That is R15 fully traited for Morale, though – a R7 or R8 would probably have about 15k morale and only reduce resists and total BPE by about 12% each).

Those are pretty impressive numbers. Granted that the figures are given for a rank 15 defiler, presumably with all 15 Battlefield Promotions, but it does give us an idea of what they can do. The boost they provide seems quite strong just looking at these numbers and I certainly haven’t seen any defilers with anywhere near 17k morale. We get another clue as to how this system could affect wargs in this screenshot from a video posted over at Doc Holiday’s blog:

I’ve posted the video at the end of this article, but 12.5k morale for a warg is an enormous amount compared with current warg builds. This was a rank 15 warg, but I’m not sure whether or not it had all the Battlefield Promotions applied. Even so it demonstrates that this new system can potentially give wargs  major boost to their morale. The power pool doesn’t seem to be much bigger than present builds though.

Another aspect to look at is damage. The same warg featured in the video had the following base damage rating for the Scratch and Snip skill:

My own warg is rated at 272 damage for this skill. Now we don’t know how the warg in the video has been setup of course, but if we take 272 damage to be an average for current builds the figures shown in the screenshot represents a damage increase of 20.5%.

Power Costs

One more thing to note from the screenshot of the Scratch and Snip skill is the power cost. Currently scratch and Snip costs 106 power to use. The screenshot shows a power cost of 125. That represents an increase of 15%. If we look at a screenshot of the Dire Howl skill from the same video we see that it has a power cost of 106 compared with its current value of 89. That’s a 16% increase. Given that the power cost increase of these two skills is roughly equal we can assume that in general wargs will see a power cost rise of approximately 15%.

Skill Changes

As can be seen in the above screenshot Dire Howl has had its cooldown dramatically reduced. Currently it has a cooldown of 15 minutes, but here we see it reduced to just 5 minutes. That might still be considered too long, but it is definitely better than the insanity of 15 minutes.

Shadow Howler was set to undergo some changes according to Kelsen’s Warg blog post a while ago and it created a lot of debate over what should happen to it. Well Thornpaw from the Turbine forum had this to say about it:

Shadow howler is interesting in that there is a tactical resistance component to it, as well as greater armor and damage increase. It also absorbs 300 damage every 30 seconds, although I’m not sure how that works. When does it reset? I wish I knew more how it works. Still, it’s useless without CC protection. Any warg caught out of stealth is immediately seized upon and completely destroyed. One would think with all the toys champs and burgs are getting we could get shadow howler while in stealth or at least cc immunity so that the skill is actually usable.

In addition Elyske posted that it is usable in combat.

There is quite a bit of information here so let’s look at the changes point by point:

  • Grants increased tactical resistance
  • Increased armour value boost
  • Increased damage boost
  • Absorbs 1000 damage every 30 seconds (1k morale bubble refreshes every 30 sec)
  • Can be used in combat

That’s A Wrap!

So far that’s all we know about changes concerning the warg. In my next post I’m going to be looking at some of the items in the Turbine Store that creeps will be able to purchase and what will be of interest to the warg. Before I wrap up here though let’s take a look at that video I mentioned.


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  2. Acording to this person: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?393925-Proposed-Warg-Revisions&p=5637880#post5637880

    The bubble is 1000 not 300.

    Basically what it does is every 30 seconds, including at time zero when you put the skill on, You receive a separate morale pool of 1000. This must be depleted first before you will take any more damage to your real morale pool. Every 30 seconds the 1000 morale pool will return or top up depending on if it was still there or gone.

    27/08/2011 at 5:19 am

  3. Cheers for the update mate!

    27/08/2011 at 1:00 pm

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