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Rise of Isengard: Turbine Store Items For Wargs

In my last post I looked at the general changes coming to wargs. In this post I’m going to be looking at one of the biggest changes coming to creepside with the launch of Rise of Isengard: the Turbine Store. Creep players will be able to purchase items from the store just as freep players do now. So what exactly is going to be available for creeps to buy? Well it seems like there will be a lot of different things, but of those what is going to be most useful for wargs?


This is undoubtedly the ‘big ticket’ item in the store. Creeps will be able to buy skills and traits from the Turbine Store using Turbine Points. A fresh rank 0 warg can go into the store and purchase Howl of the Unnerving one assumes. I’m not going to get into the rights and wrongs of this in this post, I’ll leave that for a future post, but suffice to say that it’s a feature that’s coming.

These are useful purchases for obvious reasons, and I intend to go into which skills will be best to buy in more detail, but again that is for a future post.


Creeps will be able to buy their maps from the store. This is a really nice change and I am definitely in favour of it. Currently you MUST do PVE quests at each of the keeps to get the various maps. The Ettenmoors is a PvMP zone so anything that cuts down on the amount of PVE wargs have to do is a good thing in my book. Especially given that maps are arguably more important to wargs since we are often tasked with scouting around the map for freeps.

It’s also handy for those who have most of their maps, but perhaps just can’t be bothered grinding out those last few. Now you can complete your set by handing over a some Turbine Points. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.


There seems to be a whole host of consumables on offer to creeps and some of them look like must have purchases.

This is an interesting one, a tracking talisman. It can be used to track any race of freep and tracks them through stealth. Given that wargs will be able to purchase their own class tracking abilities at any rank through the Turbine Store this seems a little useless for wargs. It might still be useful though if you don’t want to buy the skill, but personally I think buying the stealth tracking skill is a better long term investment.

Now this is definitely something I would consider to be a priority purchase. This item gives you immunity from falling damage for a ful hour! It doesn’t protect you from dying if you jump off something very high, but it does mimic the Burglar skill ‘Safe Fall’, except the effect lasts much much longer. With one of these activated wargs can face Burglars on a much more even footing (pardon the pun). I would definitely recommend wargs buy these.

This seems like a pretty solid pot to use. I can see it being handy for removing fears and wound effects, but non-store options will probably do just as well to be honest. Personally I wouldn’t go for these.

Now this is definitely something to consider given the number of different effects freeps can put on you. There was no price listed for these, but if they’re cheap enough then it might be worth having a few for sticky situations, but if not then it’s probably best not to get used to these pots in the first place.

On the face of it this looks like a handy boost to have. However, it only lasts for 10 seconds and to be honest if you can’t escape using Sprint then 20% extra run speed probably isn’t going to save you. What this might be useful for is overcoming freep slows. Sprint can be unwieldy if used to overcome slows since it sets your run speed so high that it can be difficult to control your warg in close quarters. A 20% increase on the other hand is a lot more manageable.

Well what do we have here? This is a really powerful consumable and could be a real game changer if you can afford to buy enough of them. It functions like the current rank 15 brand in that it can be used in combat and last a full minute. The cooldown steals the show here though: 5 minutes! It is a consumable though so once used tht’s it gone and you need to use up another if you want the effect again. Depending upon how much these cost this could be a must have purchase or if expensive it might be more of an emergency button.

These look to be similar to the existing store pots freeps have access to. I personally don’t think the current freep store pots are worth the money although they do give you a boost and I view these creep versions the same way. Again there was no price listed, but if they are anywhere near the cost of the current freep store pots it’s not something most people will be able to afford to use regularly. Keeping a stack of them around for getting out of a tight spot might be useful, but for general gameplay they will probably be too expensive.

There was no image of a morale pot equivalent, but I assume there is one.

Thanks to Elyske for kindly posting the screenshots.


2 responses

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  2. Steve

    I cannot agree that using these is a good idea, for either side (obviously). It is basically turbine war profiteering, and screwing up pvmp gameplay by doing so.

    As the rules were originally laid out, everyone knew what a particular opponent was capable of. This throws all of that out the window. “Great! It should be unpredictable and exciting!” I hear some say, but instead, it leads to unneeded hostility about “going P2W”, it dilutes each class — wargs can’t rely on hiding anymore, you don’t need a hunter to track, you don’t need a particular rank for a particular ability — and reduces the battlefield from one of time invested and skill to one of who’s got or is willing to pay the most.

    How anyone could think this is a good thing is beyond me. In fact, this may end my pvmp experience with lotro.

    06/12/2011 at 9:03 pm

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