A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg ‘Brothers’

This post is a break from the norm in that it doesn’t deal with a game mechanic, but something equally, if not more, important. Before we get to that though, a warning: this post is a bit … ‘deep’ for lack of a better word, and might seem ‘over the top’ or just plain ridiculous to some people. If any of that sounds like something you would agree with then you might want to skip this post.


The regular reader will probably have seen me reference other wargs as my ‘brothers’. I choose that word very deliberately for certain connotations that it evokes. The obvious question therefore is what exactly do I mean when I say ‘brother’?

The word ‘brother’ conjures up certain ideas when you hear it. It probably makes you think of a family member or perhaps it puts you in mind of a very close friend, someone you consider like a brother. It might even evoke an idea comradeliness, of a shared endeavour that you and someone else go through, and which only those involved can understand. Ok so this all sounds a bit deep for a game right? On the one hand that is true, it is a bit over the top for a video game, but it is also a very appropriate term for how wargs are played and looked upon by those who have played them for a long time.

More than any other class in the game wargs work together at every conceivable level. It’s not just opportunism, we have to work together to not only get our kills, but also to survive. On our own we are weak, but together we are strong enough to take down anyone. It’s that level of cooperation that I am referencing when I use the word ‘brother’. I should point out that I am also including female players in that term. Perhaps it is a poor choice of word when looked at from the point of view of female players, but this is my blog and that’s the word I’ve chosen.

In It Together

So how does this cooperation work? Well it can be hard to understand for those who either don’t play a warg at all or who have only dabbled. For those of us who play the warg regularly we know that our success depends upon not just ourselves, but other wargs too. Think about this for a second; which other class in the game do you see grouping up in a class specific grouping every single day, sometimes with multiple such groups existing simultaneously? Sure there are occassional ‘special’ groups formed to conduct class specific raids e.g. a Champion raid, but they are one-off events, not the norm. It is only the warg that consistently groups with his own to the exclusion of all other classes. A warg pack is just that, a warg only club.

That exclusiveness breeds what you might call a ‘warg mentality’ amongst regular warg players. They look to other wargs first and foremost for support. They will inform each other of the location of freeps even if they aren’t in a pack together; sometimes through specific warg chat channels that only wargs have access to. They will sometimes go out of their way to help one another escape from pursuing freeps, burning cooldowns and doing what they can to try and make sure the other warg escapes. They will often look for a pack to join when they first log on rather than a general creep raid. In short they will seek out the company of other wargs in a way that no other class does.

In the pack itself things work differently than in a normal creep raid. For one thing there is one designated leader who will almost always act as RAT rather than delegate that to someone else. The leader is often known by a special title unique to warg groups: ‘The Paw’. The Paw’s word is final, there is no discussion over where to go or what to do, the rest of the pack follows him to victory or death without question. Everyone in the pack acts in the exact same manner, performing the same attacks and using the exact same strategy. One warg won’t be using Bloody Maul as his opening attack whilst another uses Claws and another uses  Scratch and Snip; they will all use the exact same opening attack. They act with a pack mentality, they act as one.

We Are Wargs, We Are Awesome

So we have a group of players who will seek each other out based purely on the fact that they play the same class; who will often seek support from their fellow warg palyers before players from other classes; who will willingly share prized information with each other, sometimes through means only available to other warg players; who adopt a pack mentality when grouped together and know exactly each others’ capabilities and weaknesses. It’s a powerful combination that serves to bind together what are essentially strangers linked only by the fact that they chose to play the same class in a video game.

This is what I mean when I call other wargs ‘brothers’. It may sound cheesey, but long time warg players will recognise that there is a bond that exists between warg players that you just don’t get with other classes, and which I haven’t found in other games. It’s that bond, the sense of a shared experience, that makes them my brothers, and it is those people and their wonderful generosity, support, advice and understanding that makes playing a warg so enjoyable.

I am a warg. I am awesome. My brothers are wargs. They are awesome.


4 responses

  1. We are the Warg, we come to annihilate you.

    21/08/2011 at 8:31 pm

  2. Raaawwwrrr!!!

    22/08/2011 at 6:01 pm

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  4. Love this blog! One suggestion if I may: make a list with Warg keywords/explanations for the newbies like me 😉

    11/03/2015 at 6:45 pm

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