A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Top 10 Warg QQ Whining

You are going to hear a lot of what the Americans might call ‘smack talk’ directed at wargs. It’s par for the course when you play the most awesome class in the game, but it doesn’t make it true. Because of the warg’s success as a stealth hunter freeps like to exaggerate our capabilities and say that wargs are overpowered or that they have an unfair advantage or in some cases just make stuff up. So what are these tall tales you might hear? Well read on and find out …


Warg DoTs are OP!”  This is a fairly common accusation, but really has very little basis in fact. “The DoT is incurable!” the angry freep might cry. Uhm … so are plenty of freep DoTs. “Being able to stack DoTs is overpowered!” an even angrier freep might exclaim. First of all only one of our DoTs is stackable and secondly freeps have stackable DoTs of their own, but because many freeps seem to find it hard to coordinate they don’t stack them. Is that the warg’s fault? No it is not, thank you very much.


Wargs have too many escape skills!” This is something you will hear a lot, and in addition to being uttered by freeps too slow/unskilled to catch and kill you it is just plain old fashioned wrong. We have two semi-escape skills. Note the inclusion of ‘semi’ there because both of our escape skills can, and often are, used offensively meaning we don’t have them to escape. I’m not even going to go into the heals, sprints, stealth, feign deaths, etc that various freep classes have, but suffice to say freeps in general are better equipped to exit a fight if they want to than a warg is.


Warg packs are lame, they just gank without giving people a chance!” So what is it you want the warg, with its piss poor solo ‘burst’ dps, small power pools, high power costs, low crit mitgations, no on-demand self-heals, low armour and limited crowd control to do? Presumably stand there and let you kill it? Wargs run in packs because they need to, we aren’t very effective solo against many classes and we use our numbers to make up for our weaknesses. Oh and ‘ganking’ and ‘people not having a chance’? Come on guys that’s weak sauce if there was ever any. Did you just get ganked by a pack on your way back from a GY? Er … why not just take a different route next time instead of running through pack territory three times in a row?


Warg stealth gives them an unfair advantage, they can attack whenever they want!” This one is actually true. When not being tracked by Hunters, spotted by Lore-masters, spotted by Burglars, caught up in AOE or blasted by DoTs, wargs can indeed use stealth to attack whenever they like.


Wargs only attack people on low morale. That’s lame!” Ignoring the fact that this is complete crap let’s ask the question: ‘why not?’. Do low morale freeps have some sort of special privilege that renders them immune from attack? Does a low morale freep get issued the Ettens equivalent of a disabled parking badge that allows them to stand and regen without hassle anywhere they like?


Wargs are ezmode!” Wargs are extremely easy to play once you manage to get past the squishyness of the class; the constant tracks; the rabid hatred freeps exhibit towards you; the low dps; the inability to maintain dps; the lack of self-healing except for on-defeat responses; the poor stealth levels; the lacklustre nature of some skills; the frequent thankless task of scouting for raids and missing fights, and the feeling of uselessness against freep AOE balls.


Wargs ruined my fun in the Ettens with their lame tactics!” No, you ruined your fun in the Ettens by expecting not to die and every fight to be fair and balanced. You will die and sometimes the odds will be against you. Learn to adapt.


Sprint is OP! Nerf it!” You will find this screamed at you by two types of freep: i) the freep who just got chased down and killed by a sprinting warg when he thought he had got away and ii) the freep who was too slow off the mark to kill a warg and let him sprint away. Do either of those situations make Sprint overpowered? No. Sprint has, at best, a 5 minute cooldown and only lasts for 20 seconds. With mount speeds the way they are that’s actually not enough to catch some freeps. As for using Sprint to escape … maybe try using some CC next time?


Disappear is OP! Nerf It!” Closely related to number two above, you will hear this mantra at some point in your life as a warg. Most often it will be spoken by a frustrated freep who just couldn’t manage to get that killing blow on you. Again this doesn’t make the skill overpowered. All it means is that once again the freep was too slow. Let’s not get into comparing Disappear with HiPS because if we do and Disappear was nerfed then given how HiPS operates it would need to be removed from the game, doused in petrol, set alight, the ashes buried in a shoebox and the earth salted.


Stealth should be removed from the game!” This is the ultimate whine against the warg. With this battle cry the QQer is attempting to strike at the very heart of the warg. Like most whining about wargs this is borne out of frustration at having been attacked from stealth, usually by a pack, or when a warg uses Disappear to escape. The thing is though it completely misses the point. Whiners think that if stealth were removed from the game wargs would somehow become super easy targets for them (or in their words the playing field would be ‘balanced’). What they fail to realise is that me and my warg brothers are awesome, not because of stealth, but because we are brothers! That means we cooperate, coordinate and work together closer than any other class in the game, and short of cutting out our tongues you can’t nerf that!

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  1. Snoopdawgydawg

    About time someone said this! I have a r5 warg and 2 r5 freeps. There is not a doubt in my mind that freeps are have way more powerful skills and more of them. The balance of that use to be that creeps had much higher moral pools with a warg being at 7000 and ur squishy freeps being around 5000 now your average hunter is at least 6.5k. So let me ask where’s the balance!? Theres plent of times on my warg where all my skills or on cooldown and the only thing I can do is spam claws every 1 sec ( which they nerfed!)

    21/09/2011 at 5:38 pm

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