A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Video: Warg vs LM, The Good & The Bad

The video below is very interesting for any warg looking to take on a Lore-master. Not because it shows off a highly polished fight with the warg doing everything right, quite the opposite in fact. There are several key mistakes made during this fight that you should be able to use to help you improve your own chances against Lore-masters.

What The Warg Got Right

Crucially the Lore-master was foolish enough not to be using anti-stun (it never ceases to amaze me how many Lore-masters forget, or don’t bother, to use anti-stun on themselves). This allowed our warg brother to get in a pounce from the beginning and you can see how effective that first pounce can be when you watch the LM’s morale bar dip down after that pounce.

Another very important thing is positioning and the warg was very good at trying to constantly keep behind the LM for the positional damage bonus wargs receive. This is something many wargs either forget about or don’t bother with (the counterpart to LM’s forgetting anti-stun?), but it can give you a hefty boost to your damage output. This warg deserves kudos for trying to stay behind the LM at all times.

What The Warg Got Wrong

The warg consistently wades through the pool of fire the LM has put down. Looking at the debuffs on his bar he doesn’t need to do this; I saw the Sticky Gourd icon disappear a few times whislt he was attacking. Yet the warg keeps traipsing through the fire. This really isn’t a good idea because it is free damage for the LM. If it comes down to a choice between wading through a pool of LM fire and trying to stay behind a LM then just bite the bullet and go in front of them.

You will notice that the LM tries to use Ents Go To War and our warg brother interrupts him. Great! Not the second time though. And crucially he makes a fatal mistake with the Lightning Storm induction … he hits Disappear. Bad move. The induction was in progress and he wouldn’t have gotten far enough away before … BOOM! One dead warg. What he should have done was to interrupt the induction and keep attacking. The LM was low(ish) and pressing the attack couldn’t have turned out any worse than hitting Disappear could it?


It’s a good effort on the part of the warg. A Lore-master is not an easy class for a warg to fight and he gave it a good try. He might have won the day though if he had just kept out of that fire and fought his instinct to Disappear at the end. Continuing the fight would have at least prevented that Lightning Storm induction and, given the LM’s health, might have seen our warg brother victorious. Ah well, next time …

P.S. A big thank you to the video’s creator for not using an annoying clichéd musical score.


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