A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Talk Amongst Yourselves: The Value Of Warg Chit Chat

Knowledge is power as the saying goes and wargs are in a unique position on the Moors as the class with the most knowledge of what’s going on. Even Burgers don’t have the same capability because wargs can use their maps to cover the entirety of the map much faster than a Burger can ride his horse around it. This means that wargs can gather a lot of information about the whereabouts of freeps. How can you best use that information to increase your success at hunting though?


On the server I play on we have a chat channel used solely by wargs. Using this channel we can pass along information on freep movements, raid compositions, etc between ourselves. With all the wargs that wander around the map on a daily basis it can act as real-time stream of what is going on in just about every corner of the Ettenmoors.

This allows each warg with access to the channel to request information and more importantly share information. Perhaps you have spotted a small group of freeps that you can’t handle on your own … just post the information in the warg only channel and request some help. Maybe you are looking for a specific freep … ask in the warg only channel and perhaps one of your wargy brothers has spotted him.

Why A Warg Only Channel?

It’s a valid question. After all why not just post in one of the general chat channels asking for information or help? Well there are a number of reasons that a warg only chat channel is better for wargs:

  • Other wargs can be with you very rapidly without being spotted
  • A private warg only channel can’t be monitored by possible freep spies
  • You limit who will show up for a kill and thus gain maximum infamy
  • Wargs are constantly scouring the map, the information they gain can be lost in the general chat of OOC
  • Why would you want to share your valuable infamy gaining information with the visibles?

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

An important aspect to creating and operating this channel is to keep it below the radar. The more people that know about it the more likely that the channel will be compromised and then the channel looses its effectiveness.

The channel we operate on our server isn’t really spoken of publicly, we don’t mention the name of the channel if we can help it. That’s step one. The next measure of protection is to use a password to restrict access in case someone does discover the name of the channel.

So who should gain access? In my opinion only experienced wargs on your server should be given access. I’m not talking about rank here, I mean experience in terms of those wargs who have been around a while. The sort of wargs who know how the Moors works. You don’t want to be handing out access to brand new pups who might disappear after a week. Keep access restricted to the regular warg community on your server, the wargs you play with regularly and trust and who you know will actively contribute to the channel.

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