A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Someone Gets It!

In my experience few players truly understand the warg. However, browsing the Turbine forum I came across the following quote. Jerboa, the author, sums up the warg so brilliantly he could have created the class. Drink deeply from this pool of wisdom pups; it’s the best description of the warg you’re going to see.

People aren’t going to like this but it’s hard truth time.

A warg isn’t a viable tank class, especially in a zone totally dominated by tactical classes that don’t even have to aim to hit you with the kind of damage that can kill you in 1 or 2 seconds. It’s obvious from your description that is what is happening to you. You are in the wrong place, my friend.

The warg takes his tactics from the African plains where the predators sulk around the very edges of large herds waiting for some pathetic, sick, weakened loner to stumble out of the masses. You should land your killing blow only seconds before the target would have died on his own. Even then, you should have 5 other wargs with you just to be safe. You are the ultimate coward. You are the ultimate opportunist. You make me sick.

If you look at your skill set you’ll see that you’ve got everything you need to move about the battle field so that you can be where some poor victim is trying to escape the main battle to survive. That is the guy you should hit and then you RUN LIKE YOU ARE ON FIRE – because you probably will be – and then repeat, only attacking when the advantage is all yours. Don’t give the other guys a chance to hit you. If you cannot kill the target in 5 seconds then find a different target.

You’ll know you are playing the class to perfection when people flip over to Creepside to call you filthy names in /OOC. They’ll be angry because you are not being fair, you are a coward, you only appear in a pack, you aren’t man enough to face a real battle, you are the worst warg ever….. yes, when you start hearing that you are finally playing the class right.

This requires patience, timing, and the ability to know where people will head when they are wounded and half dead. You’ll also need to know who is grouped and who isn’t and estimate the time it will take opposition group members to respond. The ability to observe, adjust, and evolve to counter tactics is important. Recognizing bait when you see it – knowing when it’s time to move on to better hunting grounds.

Your hunting ground are away from the zergball.
Hunt those trying to get back to the zergball – this tactic means you’ll be fighting those that have blown CDs while yours have plenty of time to come back up.

Embrace your inner coward.


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