A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

A Warg’s Life

I thought you might enjoy some warg poetry and this effort by ‘Hunatrdpewpew‘ is pretty top notch.

Wargs are very furry
Yet attack in a mean flurry
So you better not pat them
For they’ll kill you ad rem

They’ll circle you in a prowl
No matter how much you scowl
Waiting until you have to sneeze
So their belly they can appease

Though one puny human is not enough
Killing another is never tough
They always go to sleep with a smile on their face
Leaving of their victims not a single trace

Sometimes they get chased by orcs with a mace
And they consider that somewhat of a race
They usually let them win
Because it’s not a challenge to beat those orcs dim

When captured they have to chase some knights
The shiny ones with the tasty tights
Better yet, they don’t even pose a threat
Because their golden locks is all they fret

A warg’s life must by now seem pretty cozy
But you’d better not become to nozy
A human is what you are, a tasty snack
Not a good trait for one trying to join the pack

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