A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey


When someone asks what advantages a warg has in combat you will probably say ‘stealth’ or ‘the element of surprise’ or ‘the pack’ and so on. Those are all valid, but there is a major advantage wargs are given by freeps that is almost always overlooked … running away.

Let me state it simply, running away from a warg is the single worst thing a freep can do.

There are a few reasons behind this so let’s go through them one by one:

Positional Damage – Wargs do more damage when attacking from behind. Simply put you will be hitting that fleeing freep harder as he tries to run away.

Initiative – The ball is in your court. A fleeing freep can’t do as much as one who is stationary and has access to all their skills. Sure some freep classes have skills they can use whilst moving, but nevertheless their effectiveness will be reduced.

Information – A freep who flees at the first sign of danger gives you a signal that he/she isn’t particularly good and is easily panicked. This is valuable information you can use in later confrontations because you know that particular freep will be an easy target.

Now all this may seem obvious and to a certain extent it is. However, many a warg may not realise the advanatge they have just been presented with and decide to not bother pursuing, especially if the fleeing freep is running towards nearby NPCs. However, this is exactly the time to pursue, even if it takes you into those NPCs. The fleeing freep should be severely weakened by the time he gets to those NPCs if you have been pressing the attack so even with friendly NPCs to help him you should still be able to get the kill and Sprint/Disappear out of there.

Remember … a running freep is a dead freep.

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