A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Disappear … What To Do With It?

Regular visitors to the creep section of the Turbine forum will no doubt be aware of the debate over what extra effect the Enhanced Disappear trait should receive. Kelsen’s initial proposal was for a cleanse effect to be added to Disappear, which would remove harmful effects from the warg. It’s not a bad suggestion per se, but one that has sparked quite the debate over possible alternatives.

The two main suggestions so far are a Heal over Time (HoT) or an offensive buff.


This is the option I favour (indeed I was the one to suggest it). The premise is simple enough: activating Disappear (with the new rank 9 Enhanced Disappear trait slotted) would grant a 10 second HoT to the warg.

The reason I favour this over the cleanse is equally simple; the cleanse would be all but useless. Unless the cleanse would remove incurable effects then quite frankly there are too many incurable DoTs etc on the freep side to make it useful. A HoT on the other hand would provide the warg with a means of dealing with such effects, perhaps allowing him to survive long enough for a morale pot to come off cooldown or for a friendly healer to help him out.

A further advantage is that it would avoid the controversy over whether the cleanse should remove incurable effects or not. That’s something that many would consider over powered.

Offensive Buff

The other main suggestion has been for the Enhanced Disappear trait to grant an offensive buff whenever Disappear is activated.

This is a decent enough suggestion and it would help to position Disappear as an offensive skill rather than a defensive one. Using Disappear mid-battle to gain  a guaranteed stun is an obvious example of an offensive use of Disappear currently, but adding an offensive buff would further promote such usage and perhaps enable the warg to turn around a fight he was losing to his favour.

It would also serve to boost the warg’s damage output a bit, a useful thing indeed when facing tough opponents like Guardians.

Other Suggestions

There are other possibilities of course and one of my favourites has been the suggestion that Disappear could enhance the warg’s Maul DoT. This is a really interesting suggestion in my opinion because it delivers extra functionality to one of our core skills and with the warg seemingly not gaining many new abilities extra functionality to an already useful skill would be very welcome.

There has also been talk of Disappear negating slow effects and again this is something that would be highly useful. The Burglar’s HiPS skill already does this so there is precedent for such a move. It would also address one of the long standing complaints about Disappear, which is that unless Sprint is also available then slow effects can pretty much negate Disappear as the warg simply can’t get far enough away before being tracked or popped out of stealth by existing DoTs.


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