A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

1vs1 Guide: The Hunter

The second of my more in-depth 1vs1 guides focuses on the Hunter. Again this is a class I am personally familiar with so hopefully that makes the following information more useful to you.

What Is A Hunter?

The short, and flippant, answer is ‘free infamy‘. A more serious answer would be a ranged, single target, dps class that has some melee capabilities. The Hunter is probably the easiest target for the warg as things currently stand although in the hands of a skilled player it can still be a dangerous opponent.

The Opening Move

You are best opening with a pounce from stealth unless the Hunter has either a brand or anti-stun granted by a Lore-master. Your initial pounce from stealth will keep the Hunter locked down for 5 sec during which you can set the scene for the rest of the fight.

As soon as you have made your pounce the first thing to do, as usual, is use Crippling Bite to make sure that the Hunter is slowed to help prevent him kiting you. This is a lot more important than many may realise because the Hunter has some slows and roots of his own and if he manages to gain range from you then he can start to output some rather nasty damage.

The last stage of the opener is to use Throat Rip to silence the Hunter just before he shakes off the initial stun. This is actually a crucial move because Hunters have a fast acting fear skill they can use to lock you down for a while. Silencing the Hunter will prevent them from using that skill.


There aren’t too many problems for the warg when facing a Hunter, but contrary to what some wargs may think Hunters do have the potential to wreak a little havoc so you should be prepared.

The worst problem you will face with a Hunter is the afore mentioned fear. Hunters have one standard ability to fear wargs called ‘Cry of the Predator’. This skill is available to all Hunters without traiting and it can fear you for up to 10 sec. When feared you will run slower, have all your skills greyed out and you won’t even be able to auto-attack. Of course damage can break this fear, but a smart Hunter can use this time to gain range on you from where he can more effectively crowd control and dps you.

Prevention is better than cure as they say so make sure you use Throat Rip whenever you can to prevent this.

Hunters have a legendary trait called ‘Bard’s Arrow’, which can also fear you. If they have this traited silencing them won’t prevent them from using it, but it is an induction skill so it can be interrupted or you can try and break line of sight/move behind them.

The other problem you may face is kiting. A smart Hunter will attempt to gain range on you and will therefore try and slow you, which can be 40-50% of your run speed. You can use a wound pot to break this slow or use Sprint to make up any distance of course. The important thing is to make sure the Hunter never leaves your melee range.

What Works?

As long as you keep a Hunter in melee range you shouldn’t have too many problems winning the fight. To that end make sure that Crippling Bite is applied at all times to slow the Hunter. This also means you can keep pouncing, not only to interrupt the Hunter’s many inductions, but also to keep them stunned as often as possible.

I would suggest not applying the Savage Fangs bleed too often, but rather leaving the Crippling Bite effect available for more stuns as these will have a bigger effect on the fight for you. Of course sneaking in the odd Savage Fangs bleed here and there won’t do (you) any harm.

Hunters need line of sight to use their skills so don’t be shy about running through them to break their line of sight and of course you should use any nearby scenery to do that as well. In conjunction with this strategy you should use Pounce and Eye Rake liberally as the Hunter is an induction lass for the most part. The more of their skills you can interrupt the less damage they will do to you.

Hunters have some power issues, but not as pronounced as they used to be. To that end Rabid Bite is probably not worth bothering about in a 1vs1 with a Hunter. You should be able to kill them before their power problem even kicks in.

So in short:

  • Keep Crippling Bite applied
  • Pounce as often as possible for interrupts/stuns
  • Break line of sight

The Fight

Here we have a breakdown of an example rotation for a 1vs1 fight between a warg and a Hunter:

  • Activate a brand if you have one (optional with the Hunter, but helps with fears)
  • Pounce from stealth to apply 5 sec stun
  • Crippling Bite to apply slow
  • Throat Rip to apply silence
  • Maul to apply bleed
  • Re-apply Crippling Bite
  • Pounce as soon as anti-stun effect has worn off
  • Re-apply Crippling Bite
  • Apple Savage Fangs for the bleed
  • Re-apply Maul

What To Look Out For

A few of the Hunter’s tricks you should look out for:

Slows – The Hunter has two induction skills each capable of slowing you. These slows can vary in effect from -10% to -50% of your run speed depending upon how the Hunter is traited. You can use a wound pot to get rid of some of these slows or you can always pop Sprint if the Hunter has managed to gain too much range on you. Again liberal use of Pounce/Eye Rake will hopefully interrupt most of their slow attempts.

DoTs – Hunters have one incurable DoT they can apply to you. It hits moderately hard, but only lasts for 10 sec so it’s not worth worrying about too much. It is an induction skill so again you will hopefully interrupt most attempts to apply it to you.

Heals – Hunters have no reliable in-combat self-heal other than pots. They do have a legendary legacy that can give one of their melee skills  the ability to self heal when used. This skill, Agile Rejoinder, requires a parry response so it’s not entirely reliable and the heal is not massive in any case.

Crowd Control – The Hunter has a mezz, but again it has an induction, which can be interrupted. Hunter’s typically don’t have the same power behind their mezz as a lore-master does, not only in terms of duration, but also in terms of seeing it resisted so expect this skill to resist a bit more than a Lore-master mezz.

The Hunter has two fears as discussed above.

The Hunter has the ability to root you, either through a trap or through a legendary skill. In either situation pop a root pot to break out and continue the fight. The Hunter will try to use their roots to either escape or gain range.

Desperate Flight – If the Hunter gets out of combat he may use a skill called Desperate Flight, which will instantly transport him to the nearest friendly rez circle. This skill can only be used out of combat so as long as you keep him in combat it is useless.

What Are The Odds?

Your odds of beating a Hunter in a 1vs1 are very high as long as you keep the Hunter in melee range. Even a low ranked warg stands a very good chance of besting a Hunter. With a lack of panic buttons the Hunter simply can’t hang in the fight very long or escape. The advantage is very much with the warg here.


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