A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Why A Warg Is Not A Burglar

One thing that I have seen repeated over the years, and again in the past few days, is that wargs are the creep equivalent of the Burglar. This is such a popular misconception that I felt I should explain why it isn’t true.


There are some similarities between wargs and Burglars to be fair and this is no doubt where comparisons arise. The most obvious similarity is of course both classes’ ability to stealth. There are others though, such as the ability to open conjunctions on demand as well as the ability to debuff opponents. Both classes also have effective escape skills that can take them out of danger.


So what are the differences then? Well for starters the role each class serves is different. The warg is a scout, someone who creeps around the map looking for the enemy and reporting their position. The warg is also a scavenger, looking for the weak to prey upon and finish off. The Burglar, on the other hand, is less of a scout and more of an assassin. The Burglar will often stick close to the main freep groups and engage in harassment tactics or go toe to toe with creeps directly. The warg will often be separated from the main creep group and engage in hit and run tactics.


There are actually differences inherent to the similarities I mentioned above! Take stealth for example:

Burglars can achieve higher stealth levels than wargs, especially when one considers low ranked wargs. Burglars are able to equip various items that will enhance their stealth ability whilst wargs are entirely dependent upon traits, some of which are not gained until higher ranks.

The escape skills both classes have are also different. Both classes have an instant stealth skill, Disappear for wargs and HiPS for Burglars. However, they each function differently. For instance, Disappear is on a 10 min cooldown whereas HiPS can have its cooldown lowered to as little as 7 min. HiPS also negates any slow effects on the Burglar, setting run speed to 100% whilst Disappear does not. Burglars also have a reset button that will instantly reset their HiPS cooldown, effectively giving them two uses of the skill back to back. Wargs have no such luxury.

The other ‘panic buttons’ each class has are very different. Wargs have Sprint, which will take them out of a fight. Burglars have Touch and Go and Find Footing, which can keep them going in a fight much longer. Wargs are designed to be the embodiment of ‘fight or flight’ whilst Burglars are more a case of ‘keep fighting’.

In terms of debuffs both wargs and Burglars have a 25% slow they can apply albeit the Burglar can turn their’s into an AOE effect. Wargs have a rather meagre range of debuffs when compared to a Burglar, either suffering from long cooldowns, lacklustre effects or gating until higher ranks.


Something needs to be said about packs, both of the warg and Burglar variety. Both classes do operate in packs although wargs much more so. The warg pack can cover large distances, both through speed enhancements and through use of maps. The warg packs act as scouts, but also as self-contained groups in their own right. My experience of Burglar packs has been one of groups that are more cautious than the warg packs in the sense that they tend to stick beside the freep raid or hang around only select spots instead of moving around much.

Embrace Diversity

The warg is not a Burglar and vice versa. They are two stealth classes. That’s about it. That should be something that is played up rather than the recent trend of seemingly trying to make the warg into a mirror of sorts for the Burglar. People who play a warg do so because they want to play a warg, not a Burglar.

4 responses

  1. I agree, though I do enjoy my burglar, currently level 34, my warg is a lot more fun, for some reason. I don’t know why I enjoy it more, but I just like the feel of the class better I guess!

    15/06/2011 at 12:56 am

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  3. A littel late response but still. Cant agree about scouting. Ofcourse becouse of mobility wargs are much better scouts tahn burg, but on a freep side if not a burg, who should do scouting? So in summarry both classes are scouts.
    As for comparing to assassin. I would tell wargs are assassins that taking weak target at back of raid, quickly kill, and than run. Burgs role is quite diffrent in raid. They not killing at all, there role is to make life of healers (defilers and mostly war leaders) in creep raid a nightmare.
    Last thing. Saying that T&G is “offensive” skill, and Sprint is “defensive” skill is imo taking all to simple. Sprint is often used to “catch a pray”, as T&G is used as life-saver during escape. (Besides IMO if somebody would ask me what i prefer on my burg to have – sprint or T&G – I would definitly shout take T&G and give me a Sprint)

    11/10/2011 at 10:17 am

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