A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

New Burglar Skills Spell Doom For Puppies Everywhere

A new class revision blog was posted earlier today detailing changes to the Warden and the Burglar. Now obviously the biggest impact of any class revision will be felt in PVE-land, but the remifications of class changes are always felt on the Moors too. With that in mind let’s look at the proposed Burglar changes and what they might mean for us wargs.


The Burglar’s mezz ability previously did not affect beasts or insects i.e. they could not mezz wargs. This is set to change! Apart from not fitting with the concept of the skill (how do you engage a beast or an insect in a riddle contest?) it also means that there will be yet more CC in the Ettens. Lore-masters can already do a very good job of mezzing wargs and other creeps, do we really need yet another option for the freeps to do so?

Oh and Burglars will be able to mezz from stealth without breaking their cover. Lovely!

AOE Stun

More CC! Yes folks a Burglar can put a trick on as many as three targets and then stun those three affected targets for 8 sec. That’s an extremely potent CC ability right there and has the potential to be very disruptive to warg packs. Conceivably two or three Burglars could lock down an entire pack for 8 sec. As with the mezz change above I have to ask, is this a good thing for the Ettens? My answer would be an emphatic ‘No!’ The Ettens already suffers from an over abundance of CC options, adding more really isn’t the direction to go in. This would now mean that the freep side has three classes with an aoe stun option. The creeps side has zero.

What Does It Mean?

Well in short it means that you are going to be locked down a lot more. The sheer volume of crowd control options current available is staggering and adding yet more options is, in my opinion, a bad move for PvMP in LOTRO. The creep side is notoriously deficient in CC options and further enhancing this area on the freep side seems counter to any sort of logic.

I am all for Burglars getting some love, but just as was the case with their last update when they got a skill to negate falling damage, these changes look to be enhancing areas of gameplay on the Moors that quite frankly don’t need enhancing.


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