A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

1vs1 Guide: The Lore-Master

In the main guide I touch upon how to deal with specific freep classes, but it was just that ‘touched upon’ rather than a proper examination of each of those classes. To that end I’m going to be looking at each of the freep classes in turn and presenting what I hope will be effective strategies for dealing with them. First up is the freep class I know best … the Lore-master!

What Is A Lore-master?

In a word ‘dangerous’. The Lore-master is potentially one of the worst classes for a warg to face in 1vs1 combat. The Lore-master has a huge array of crowd control options available, extremely potent tactical damage second only to the Rune-keeper, incredibly effective debuffs, frequent self-heals and a large self-heal that can effectively reset the fight for them.

The Opening Move

Normally wargs can pick and choose their fights, but it’s a little different with a Lore-master. Lore-master have a self-buff, which increases their stealth detection so it is possible that they might see you coming. Therefore you have to be quick, get into melee range as fast as you can and attack. If you hang around too long they may spot you and get the jump on you!

Forget using Pounce as your opening move here. A good Lore-master will have anti-stun on himself (if he doesn’t then he deserves to be pounced into oblivion!). You’re best opener in the face of anti-stun is Bloody Maul.

After Bloody Maul the first thing to do is apply Crippling Bite to slow the LM. Lore-masters have slows of their own (better than your’s) so you really need to make sure that the LM is slowed and can’t gain too much distance from you. You need to be in melee range, remember and the Lore-master will want to be at range.


Once the fight proper has started you will want to silence the Lore-master as soon as possible with Throat Rip. A silenced Lore-master can’t do very much … except cure the silence. Yes I’m afraid Lore-masters, as well as being immune to stuns and knock-downs, can cure their own silence. At best they may panic and forget and at worst you will have only interrupted their rotation for a second, but either way it helps.

Your primary goal here is to maintain as many DoTs as you possibly can and use Pounce and Eye Rake whenever possible. Both of these skills interrupt the Lore-master’s inductions and no Lore-master induction will end well for you! If you see them in the middle of an induction make sure you interrupt it as quickly as possible. This is where we run into problem number two though …

… Lore-masters have a skill that prevents them from being interrupted for 10 seconds. That might not sound like a long time, but in 10 seconds a good Lore-master can kill you. I don’t mean that metaphorically, they can actually kill you in 10 seconds if they get a couple of decent critical hits.

There really isn’t much you can do about this skill, it’s called ‘Call to the Valar’, so you will just have to fight through it.

One strategy against Lore-masters that sometimes does the rounds is to drain their power using Rabid Bite. It’s a good idea on paper, after all the less power a freep has the less they can do right? Yes, but remember that tactical classes in general tend to have oceans of power to fall back on, this isn’t a Champion with 2k power we’re talking about here, most Lore-masters will have somewhere in the region of 4.5-5k power. Quite frankly your Rabid Bite probably won’t even be noticed.

One last problem for the warg is that Lore-masters have a number of skills that can be used in a 360 degree arc around them. In other words running through them or behind them will not make a blind bit of difference, the skill, unless actually interrupted, will still affect you.

What Works?

In the face of these problems what should you do? Well there are three main things for the a warg to do during a fight with a Lore-master:

  • Keep Crippling Bite on the Lore-master at all times
  • Keep pouncing the Lore-master in an effort to interrupt him
  • Keep watching out for anti-stun wearing off

The first point is pretty simple. If the Lore-master is not slowed he will move out of melee range and he will slow you so you can’t catch up to him without popping Sprint. Once a Lore-master gains range on you and can maintain it he has won the fight.

Even though Lore-masters can prevent you interrupting them for 10 seconds still keep using pounce. Some Lore-masters forget to use Call to the Valar, for example, and preventing as many of their inductions as possible is crucial to your chances of winning.

Even if a Lore-master starts a fight with anti-stun he may forget to re-apply it once the fight is in progress and he is occupied with other things. Good Lore-masters won’t forget, but it is essential you keep an eye out just in case it does drop. If you see anti-stun gone then make sure you stun the Lore-master as soon as you can! A stunned Lore-master presents you with a golden opportunity to get in some real damage and offers a short respite from the Lore-master’s damage.

Brands – If you have a brand then you would be well advised to use it before starting a fight with a Lore-master. An inexperienced Lore-master may panic when they realise they can’t stun you and even an experienced Lore-master will be denied the use of one part of their arsenal to use against you.

Panic Them – Even if you don’t have a brand use a stun pot to break out of the first stun they put on you. This can sometimes panic an inexperienced Lore-master and may cause them to make a mistake or even run. It’s a long shot, but every little advantage you can give yourself helps.

Line of Sight – If there is any scenery around that can break line of sight between you and the Lore-master then use it to your advantage. With many of their skills being usable in a 360 degree arc interrupting their inductions or breaking line of sight are the only two reliable ways of preventing them getting those inductions off on you. Just remember though that you don’t want to get out of melee range so be careful when using scenery in this way.

The Fight

Here we have a breakdown of an example rotation for a 1vs1 fight between a warg and a Lore-master:

  • Activate a brand if you have one
  • Bloody Maul from stealth and from behind the Lore-master
  • Crippling Bite to apply slow
  • Throat Rip to apply silence (NOTE: you will almost certainly have been stunned by this point in the fight unless you have a brand active)
  • Savage Fangs to apply bleed with Crippling Bite effect
  • Apply Pack Hunters if you have it
  • Apply Rend Flesh if you have it
  • Re-apply Bloody Maul
  • Re-apply Crippling Bite
  • Re-apply Savage Fangs

What To Look Out For

There are a lot of very nasty things a Lore-master can do to you so here is what you should look out for:

Debuffs – The Lore-master can, and probably will, hit you with a range of debuffs that will lower your melee damage by 30%, reduce your evade chance, increase your attack duration and reduce your critical chance. There is absolutely nothing you can do about these, there is no way for you to remove them so you will just have to fight through them.

Slows – The Lore-master has two slows; a 30% 30 sec slow from the Burning Embers skill and a 50% slow from Sticky Tar. If the Lore-master gets tar down try and avoid it. The Burning Embers slow is non-removable so you will be stuck with it.

DoTs – Lore-master DoTs are incurable and they hit hard. Properly traited the Lore-master can put two DoTs on you, both lasting 35 sec and both hitting for around 150-200 damage per tick. Again there is nothing you can do about these other than to use morale pots to try and mitigate them a bit.

Heals – Aside from pots the Lore-master has two practical means for healing during a fight; flank events from his pet and the Wisdom of the Council skill. Flank heals rely on the pet and heal the Lore-master for 650 morale or around 900 on a critical. Wisdom of the Council heals the Lore-master for around 2.5k or so, but can crit for around 4k. Wisdom of the Council also reflects damage back at you and has a small chance to stun anyone hitting the Lore-master.

Crowd Control – The Lore-master has five separate stuns, a mezz, and two roots. Mezzing will probably be used to interrupt/slow you down in the fight rather than keep you in place. It can be very annoying, but don’t waste your stun pots on breaking it. The worst of the stuns are Ents Go To War (6 sec) and Test of Will (5 sec). Using a pot to break either of these is worth it since they have a long duration. Roots may be used to allow the Lore-master to gain some distance on you, make sure you pot out of them if you can to prevent that from happening.

Pets – Ignore them. It’s as simple as that. Yes they will debuff you. Yes they will cause you damage. Yes they allow the Lore-master to heal. However, diverting attention to killing them is suicide. It will give the Lore-master a free reign to pound you into the ground. The pets are annoying, but like so much else with the Lore-master you will just have to fight on through it. One possible advantage you can gain from a pet though is if you are near friendly NPCs and can drag the pet to them making it pull them. Sneaky? Yes, but then you are a warg!

What Are The Odds?

In short your chances of winning against a Lore-master in a 1vs1 fight are not good. Player skill counts for a lot of course and if the Lore-master is new to the Ettens then you stand a much better chance of prevailing. If it’s a seasoned veteran of the Moors though then quite frankly you would probably be better not even attempting it 1vs1.


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