A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

To Pounce Or Not To Pounce?

… that is indeed the question! I am of course referring to Burglars and their Find Footing skill, which is activated when they are stunned. Whenever a Burglar is stunned they are able to use Find Footing, which snaps them out of the stun, heals them and crucially increases their evade chance by 50%. Quite the skill eh?

The orthodox view, drummed into every new pup by his pack leader, is that you MUST NEVER EVER under any circumstances stun a Burglar. It’s the accepted view and has been repeated so often that even creeps without stuns will often repeat this mantra. Is it the right advice though? Well let’s take a look at both sides of the argument …

Never Stun A Burglar

The reason behind saying you shouldn’t stun a Burglar should be obvious, they break your stun, heal up and become very hard to hit. This can often give them just the edge they need, in which to either escape or to turn the fight around and kill you. Wargs don’t have many skills that cannot be evaded, the main one being Swipe, but being on a 30 sec cooldown it’s hard to use it very often in a fight let alone spam it.

In other words a Burglar with a 50% evade chance becomes a tank of sorts, taking very little damage and there is very little you can do about it.

Stun! Stun! Stun!

What possible advantage could there be to gain from allowing a Burglar access to such a buff? Well remember that Find Footing will not always be available as it has a 5 min cooldown. If you know for sure that a Burglar has this skill on cooldown then you can safely pounce him. However, it isn’t quite as simple as that as Burglars have another skill called Ready and Able, which can reset the cooldown on Find Footing. However, the cooldown on this skill is 20 min. Ok so if both of them are cooldown you can safely pounce a Burglar.

The problem is knowing when both of those skills are on cooldown. There is one sure fire way to know … make the Burglar use them. That’s right stun them! By forcing them to use these skills you can know for sure that they are on cooldown. This means that you can go into the fight with a major advantage returned to you: the ability to stun your opponent.

The thing is though that this is a more long term approach to killing a particular Burglar. You are going to have to force him to burn two different cooldowns before attacking him for a third time. Also you are going to need to do all of this within 5 minutes or Find Footing’s will be available again anyway.

What To Do?

It’s a tricky approach to negating Find Footing to be sure and you will need both speed and accurate timing. For general game play it simply isn’t worth bothering about in my opinion. The time and effort put into trying to deny this skill to a single freep could be better spent killing other freeps.

It could be an option if there is a Burglar you really want to kill and who has proved particularly slippery. The other occasion where it might be of use is in a raid setting. Pouncing a Burglar a couple of times early on in a fight might just force him to burn those cooldowns and leave him weaker as the fight progresses. That might result in him eventually dying in the general melee.

So in short my warg brothers it is probably safer to stick with what you learned as a pup and don’t stun a Burglar!


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