A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg QQ

Threads calling for wargs to be nerfed are ten a penny. Most people who get killed by the pack or who fail to kill that warg before he sprints off chalk it up to experience and remember that it is just a game they are playing. However, some people are consumed by (nerd) rage and with the blood boiling in their veins they know there is only one way to wreak vengeance on that warg … a QQ thread! Yes folks today we will be looking at the ancient art form of the Warg QQ Thread!

Let me state that I am not going to mention names here. The people creating these threads invite ridicule and scorn on themselves and they get plenty of that in the threads they create without me advertising their names. With that in mind let’s look at our very first Warg QQ Thread:

I’m ok with the fact that wargs do more burst damage than reavers. I’m ok with the fact that wargs have the best CC in the moors next to wardens. I’m ok with the fact that wargs can block with their face. I’m ok with the fact that wargs have a quick attack on a 1 second CD plus an interrupt on a 10second CD. I’m ok with the fact that a warg can pounce you and take away half of your health by the time you’re free.

But what I do think is OP about wargs, and the one thing turbine needs to change, is the fact that they have a 200% run speed buff on a five minute cooldown and hips on a 10 minutes cooldown. This gives them the ability to get away from virtually anything but a raid three times every 10 minutes. It also makes them impossible to kite every five minutes, and nearly impossible for a hunter to 1v1. No class should be able to pick fights and escape that easily while still being a hard hitting brutal class.

Nerf the trait, and I won’t have such a big problem with wargs. It’s really annoying when you’ve got a warg pack and you have to engage them more than three times every time minutes (something which is entirely up to them) to be able to even get one kill. The trait should either be replaced with something else, or reduced to a 7min CD instead.

Ok some background material first: the poster is a Lore-master. Yes, seriously … a Lore-master. Saying that wargs have the best crowd control abilities in the game after … er … Wardens apparently. Remember that this is coming from a Lore-master! You know the only class in the game that has ‘crowd control’ listed as its primary role?

This post is so incredibly absurd on so many levels I’m not quite sure where to begin, but let’s start with the burst damage. This QQer claims that wargs have better burst damage than a Reaver. Uhm … really? Last time I checked Reavers hit a hell of a lot harder than a warg. Either the wargs on this chap’s server have been outfitted with machine guns or the Reavers have had their swords swapped for those big anniversary flowers.

Moving on we run into yet another lolcopter crash with the claim that wargs can reduce you to half health by the time their initial 5 sec stun wears off. Wait a minute … this guy is a Lore-master right? Why the hell is he being stunned in the first place? Does he just not have enough room on his toolbar for anti-stun with all the emote shortcuts he almost certainly has slotted for some ‘lulz’ in the 21st Hall?

Now we come to the warg QQer’s firm favourite … escape skills. Here we see the reason for this particular QQ thread, the warg’s ability to get out of a pickle. The poster makes the claim that wargs can’t be kited once every 5 minutes because of Sprint. As the wargs amongst you will know trying to fight in melee whilst moving at 200% speed is like trying to weave in and out of traffic cones in a Ferrari going at 200mph whilst hanging out of the window trying to punch a passer by. It just isn’t practical folks and besides wargs over the legal limit aren’t allowed to travel at such speeds!

So what is his answer to this terrible calamity? NERF! Yes he wants the trait that reduces the cooldown on Sprint to be nerfed down to 7 minutes instead of 5 minutes. Presumably not being able to kite a warg once every 7 minutes is okey dokey. That extra 2 minutes he gains will presumably allow him a post victory cigarette.

Now the thread this started continued on for 8 pages and believe me when I say that by the end we were in a surreal landscape Dhali would have been proud of. The highlights:

A warg can stun a freep for 5 seconds, the most I usually stun a creep for is 1, so yeah, wargs and wardens have better CC than lm’s right now in the moors.

So here we have a Lore-master claiming that he can only muster up a 1 second stun. Has he replaced all of his skills with emote shortcuts and not just the anti-stun?

I am more than aware that lore-masters can dish out massive CC even without being able to stun longer than 1 second

I’m getting some mixed signals here. Didn’t he just say that wargs and Wardens had better crowd control than he did?

Whats annoying is that wargs don’t have to [die] because they have too many escape skills.

I must pop along to the class trainer when I next log my warg to purchase this immortality buff wargs apparently have.

I haven’t had trouble killing wargs recently, because I’ve been doing a lot of raiding and at that point it really doesn’t matter, they will die fast enough. And I sure as ???? don’t lose to wargs in 1v1s.

Let me get this straight; he says wargs are over powered, but he has no problem killing them. Er … doesn’t that make him even more overpowered? NERF!!!

One response

  1. Haha, this is hilarious!!! Wardens are king of CC now? Lol, I think he just thinks wardens must be awesome at everything, the way people talk or something!

    17/06/2011 at 3:20 pm

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