A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Proposed Warg Revision: Update

Kelson has posted another update on the proposed changes to the warg class in the Rise of Isengard expansion due later this year. There wasn’t much posted, but what there was is important.

Rally & Dire Howls

There was clarification given on the mix-up over Rallying Howl and Dire Howl. Dire Howl should see its cooldown reduced to 5 minutes whilst Rallying Howl should see its cooldown reduced to 2 minutes and its range extended to 10 metres.

Flea Bitten

The initial proposal for Flea Bitten has been changed. Huzzah! Instead of the useless wound mitigation debuff the skill will now consist of the induction debuff mentioned previously and also an attack duration debuff. That is definitely an improvement and will actually see some use in battle.

Shadow Howler

The changes to Shadow Howler were given a little more clarification. Instead of the platry 12 points of damage negation that the stance currently provides there will instead be a ‘bubble’ that negates a good 100-300 damage (final figures haven’t been decided upon yet it seems). The bubble refreshes itself once every 30-60 seconds (again numbers haven’t been finalised).

This will be a huge improvement to the skill. 100-300 damage is comparable to an auto-attack or two or seen another way it takes the edge off some of the bigger hits the freeps dish out. It’s not enough to protect against a one shotting RK (what is?), but reducing a 1k hit by up to a third sounds pretty sweet.


As expected the freep whining has had an effect on the proposed Disappear changes. Since 5 minutes would clearly be game breaking material that would see freep’s computers melt before their eyes the proposal is now to have the new trait reduce Disappear’s cooldown to 7 minutes.

This is comparable with the cooldown for HiPS, which nicely slides the warg further along the path of being the creep equivalent of that freep class. It also ignores the fact that HiPS can be instantly reset, but we’ll leave that debate for another time …


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