A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg Traits: Part II The DPS Build

It’s go time! And by that I of course mean it’s time to look at the warg dps build. Before we get into the specifics let me lay the groundwork so we know what we’re dealing with. First of all the following build is purely for dps, I’ll be looking at other builds later on, but for now I’m focusing on a build that maximises offensive capabilities.

The other point that needs to be mentioned is rank of course. Not all wargs are the same rank and thus will have access to different traits and skills, which will affect what they are able to do. I am going to list what I see as the ‘perfect’ dps build assuming that all necessary traits and skills are available and then I’ll talk about some alternatives lower ranked wargs can use to fill in gaps left by traits they don’t have yet.

I will also break down the build into different categories so you can reference each set of traits more easily.


These are the general creep corruption traits that can be purchased first with destiny points and then for the tier II versions with barter stones acquired from the Delving of Fror.

Simply put we are going to use as many of the damage enhancing corruptions as we can get our hands on here. That means slotting both tier I & II versions of ‘Damage for Power’ and ‘Damage for Health’. This will give you as much dps as a warg can get from the corruptions. That’s four slots used up so what to put in that fifth slot?

Well that’s a good question. If we are going for a maximum dps build then personally I would suggest Crit Protection Rank 2. This won’t detract from the dps boost from the other corruptions, but will give you a small amount of protection from freep crits.

Class Traits

Some of these are just common sense e.g. Enhanced Skill: Stealth. For the pure dps build I would suggest the following:

  • Enhanced Skill: Stealth
  • Enhanced Skill: Sprint
  • Shadow Fang
  • The Element of Surprise
  • Armour Boost
All of these are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go into too much detail as to why you should slot these traits.

Racial Traits

  • Just four slots to fill here so let’s see what we have:
  • Four Legged Foe
  • Advanced Skill: Pack Hunters
  • Pack Mentality
  • Pack Alpha
Ok so some of these traits are pretty high ranked e.g. Pack Alpha is a rank 11 trait! If you don’t have access to all of these basically just slot whatever you do have, there are only four slots to fill and unless you are at least rank 9 you won’t actually have more than four traits to choose from anyway.


The obvious benefit of traiting like this is more dps. With all of the above traited you should see a noticeable increase in damage output, but because the warg is not built for huge spike damage a huge increase to low damage still tends to be somewhat low. You could probably see big crits of around 1k or so with this setup. Not big by freep standards, but still very nice for a warg/creep.
The other benefit of this setup is that if you do decide to trait the a Rallying Howl skill then the increase in damage from the corruptions actually increases your healing output too!


The most obvious drawback is of course the huge drop in survivability. Simply put you are not going to last very long in a fight if you get targeted. You will have only 5k or so morale and the increase in dps you gain probably isn’t enough to offset this drop. As part of a pack you might be able to do well, providing the pack with increased dps, but alone you won’t have much morale to keep you going to actually use your increased dps.
Personally I wouldn’t choose this build myself, I just don’t see that the relatively small increase in dps is worth sacrificing so much survivability.
Coming in part III: the Survivor’s Build!

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