A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Proposed Warg Revision: Maul/Bloody Maul

In my last post I discussed some of the revisions being proposed for wargs with the Rise of Isengard expansion later this year. However, I didn’t mention two very important revisions and with good reason, they are revisions that centre on two of our most important skills and can, and probably will, generate a fair bit of contention, especially amongst freeps.

I’ll focus on the Maul/Bloody maul revamp here and discuss the proposed changes to Dusappear in my next post.

Maul/Bloody Maul

This is one of the warg’s most basic attacks, it’s ingrained in every warg’s psyche and is one of the most important skills a warg possesses. The good news therefore is that the propsoed change to this skill isn’t a nerf, quite the opposite in fact!

The proposal would see critical hits with this skill apply a debuff to the target called ‘Festering Wound’, which would reduce incoming healing to the target by 25% for 30 seconds.

That’s a pretty serious debuff and would mean that a freep targeted by even a few wargs would be much harder to keep alive for the freep healers. Given how much the DoT from Maul/Bloody Maul comes in for freep criticism I can only imagine freeps will not be happy if this debuff makes it into the game and it will almost certainly heighten the dislike of Maul/Bloody Maul.

For the warg though it’s a great addition for group play. As discussed in previous posts the warg really doesn’t have much in the way of sustained dps. Our skills to low to moderate damage and it is difficult to maintain that damage. This proposed debuff would help to maximise our damage and make the warg a little more useful in raids, being able to help make sure the RT target is going down.


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