A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Proposed Warg Revision: Disappear

I’ve save the most contentious of the proposed warg changes until last because it has the potential for being the most controversial change we’ve seen to the class. Already on the Turbine forums some are saying it would be over powered and and are questioning the viability of such a change. So what is all the fuss about?

Well in a nutshell Kelson has proposed to add a new trait to the Stalker class that could be obtained at rank 9, and which would alter the way Disappear works. The trait would shorten the cooldown on Disappear to 5 minutes whilst also allowing Disappear to cure all harmful effects on the warg.

Kelson explains that the reason for proposing such a change is to “Mimic the updated functionality of HiPS“. For those unaware a Burglar with the full teal PvMP armour set is able to use HiPS to remove all wounds, disease, etc from himself.

Now one of the points people are complaining about is that this new trait would allow Disappear to remove ‘all harmful effects’ from the warg. Some have taken this to mean incurable effects too e.g. Lore-master DoTs, etc. Personally I think this is just Kelson being unclear and that by ‘all harmful effects’ he means it will have the same functionality as the updated HiPS i.e. curable effects will be removed.

Another point of contention is the reduced cooldown with some saying that wargs would be ‘unkillable’. Burglars can reduce the cooldown of HiPS to 7 minutes (and then instantly reset it by the way) and I have yet to encounter an ‘unkillable’ Burglar. The concern over the cooldown may seem warranted, but there are two very important points to consider here:

  • This will use up a trait slot meaning another ability has to be discarded by the warg and the trait is only gained at rank 9 meaning most wargs will not have access to it.
  • The enhancement to Disappear is really not all that much different from HiPS as used by Burglars either in terms of functionality or in terms of how often it can be used.
I personally don’t see this being overpowered and I say that very much with a straight face. The Burglar has more options for escape than the warg does, even with this new trait. That a warg has to be a fairly high rank to get access to this ability will also limit its usage given that the vast majority of wargs are below rank 9, indeed well below rank 9. A skill that makes the creep side’s stealth class a little more even with the freep side’s stealth class is no bad thing in my book.

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