A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg Traits: Part I

*Sigh* … ok I am finally going to do it … a post about warg trait setups. I’ve never been keen on dispensing advice on trait setups because it is a personal choice as far as I am concerned and any advice I, or others give, will almost certainly be instantly challenged by someone. Indeed, the irony is that discussing trait setups often leads to more arguments amongst players than issues that you would think are more contentious e.g. what is acceptable Ettens ettiquette? But I have had people ask me for a while now what traits to use as a warg so with all of the above in mind let’s get into it!

I’m going to break this down into multiple parts; in this part I’ll take an overview of all the different traits available to wargs and give a brief description of each. In subsequent parts I’ll give some examples of specific builds you can use and the pros and cons of each.

Class Traits

These are the traits you earn as you advance your warg from rank 0 to rank 5. After rank 5 there are no more class traits to gain, which sucks, but that’s a debate for another time.

Armour Boost

This does what it says on the tin, it increases your armour value.

Long Strides

This trait increases your movement speed, both in and out of stealth, by 5%.

Enhanced Skill: Stealth

This trait does two very important things; it raises your stealth level by 2 points and it also increases your movement speed whilst in stealth by 25%. This is a must have trait trait for every warg!

Resistance Boost

This trait increases the values for your resistance to Song, Cry, Physical and Tactical effects.

Enhanced Skill: Sprint

This trait decreases the cooldown on your Sprint skill from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

The Element of Surprise

This trait increases the chance that you will score a critical hit with an attack from stealth by 20%. The increased chance does take your critical chance above the standard 15% cap.

Shadow Fang

This trait sets the damage type for your attacks to shadow rather than the standard common. This is a must have trait for every warg!

Advanced Skill Rallying Howl

This trait grants you access to the skill Rallying Howl.

Racial Traits

You gain racial traits from rank 6 until rank 11.

Four Legged Foe

This trait increases your run speed as well as your evade chance.

Advance Skill: Pack Hunters

This skill grants access to the Pack Hunters skill, which increases the amount of damage a target take each time they are hit.

Pack Mentality

This trait increases your parry and evade ratings whilst also increasing your resistance to physical and tactical effects.

Pack Elder

This trait increases your resistance to Ancient Dwarf, Beleriand and Westernesse damage.

Advanced Skill: Howl of the Unnerving

This trait grants access to the Howl of the Unnerving skill, which adds dread to freeps.

Foe of the Light

This trait increases your stealth level whilst also increasing your resistance to light damage.

Pack Alpha

This trait increases your melee damage as well as increasing your melee critical chance.

That’s Your Lot

So there we have the specific traits available to wargs. You will notice that I haven’t mentioned the corruption traits and with good reason; the corruption traits are open to all creeps, they aren’t warg specific. Nevertheless I will be mentioning them when we look at some specific setups.

Coming in Part II: The Warg DPS Build …


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