A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Your First Days – Be Prepared

Before you venture onto the Moors you must be prepared …

The Basics

There are some things you should aim to do straight off the bat such as get your maps. For those new to PvMP these are the quick travel maps that creeps use to get around the map in place of the mounts the freeps have. You get the maps (three for each of the keeps) by doing quests for each location, the more quests you do the better the version of the map you get until you have all three maps for each location. Maps are especially important for wargs because they allow you to act as a very effective scout.

You will want to spend some destiny points right away and the first thing you should buy is a trait called ‘Enhanced Stealth’. This trait is a must have for all wargs as it does two very important things, it increases your stealth level by 3 points making you harder to spot and it increases your run speed whilst stealthed meaning you can move faster. This trait should never be unslotted.

Buy as many of the traits available to you at Rank 0 as you possibly can, but if you only have enough destiny points for one purchase when you first create your warg then make sure it’s ‘Enhanced Stealth’ you pick.

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