A Guide for the Student on the Ways and Means of the Warg and the Stalking of Prey

Warg DoT Whining

Apart from stealth itself the single biggest gripe heard about wargs from freeps is invariably the Bloody Maul DoT. Why though?

Well let’s look at what the whining is about first. The main argument seems to centre around two different facets of this skill. The first is that it is an incurable DoT. The second is that it can be stacked an unlimited number of times e.g. 24 wargs using the skill can put 24 DoTs on a single target. So with both of those complaints in mind this does indeed sound like a ridiculously over powered skill right? Er … no.

The first point is just hypocritical because the freeps have many an incurable DoT of their own. For example, Lore-masters have two incurable DoTs, Burning Embers and Sign of Battle: Wizard’s Fire. With the correct legacies both of these skills can hit much harder, and much longer than Bloody Maul. Hunters too have a DoT from Barbed Arrow, which again is incurable.

The second point is equally hypocritical as the Lore-master and Hunter DoTs both stack. That wargs stack these DoTs is down to the pack nature of warg gameplay. If a group of Hunters decided to play together and they fired 12 Barbed Arrow DoTs at a creep then the effect would be equally, if not even more, devastating. Wargs don’t force Hunters not to play like this, indicidual Hunters choose not to do so.

The fact of the matter is that Bloody Maul is actually a rather poor DoT skill. For instance the DoT actually only lasts 10 seconds when used out of stealth. Yes it is incurable, but it’s very short compared with the Lore-master DoTs, which can be traited to last around 35 seconds!

Secondly the actual damage from the Bloody Maul DoT is not very impressive. Without any damage corruptions it hits for less than 90 damage per tick and that is before mitigations of course. Even with damage traits the DoT will hit for around 97 damage per tick, again before mitigations kick in.

What we have with the complaints over this skill is in fact a complaint about warg tactics, not the skill itself. Take away the DoT; make it so it doesn’t stack; make it curable; lower the damage or whatever else, but the end result will still be the same. Warg packs don’t need the DoT to kill freeps they could just as easily all use claws from stealth and ‘one shot’ a freep.

It’s the pack that kills, not the DoT.

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